Keep conserved funds once they are no longer a Representative Payee for the beneficiary; Charge the beneficiary for services unless authorized by the Social Security Administration to do so; Reporting Potential Violations. Organizational Rep Payees who are incorporated as non-profits are allowed to collect a This is particularly important if the beneficiary doesn't live with you. As representative payee, can I collect rent from my son on social security, or sell half of house ownership? The representative payee cannot make decisions about the funds that are not in the best interests of the beneficiary. Rep Payee is not allowed to collect fees for serving as a Rep Payee. ... receipts for payment of rent, utilities, and any other money paid on behalf of the beneficiary. A representative payee can be either an individual or an organization. And, the representative payee is not supposed to just turn the money over to you, so the landlord shouldn't just pay the rent and give you the rest of the money. An Organizational Representative Payee can be a social service organization, an institution, an official of a state or local governmental agency, or a financial organization. Representative payees assume a great deal of responsibility. Misuse of Social Security funds and failure to provide required information can result in criminal penalties. If the beneficiary dies, the money in the account belongs to the person’s estate, not the representative payee. Types of Payees. As a representative payee, you need to keep informed about the individual's needs so that you can decide how benefits can best be used for his or her personal care and well-being. A Representative Payee's Duties. Since then I am payee and able to charge him rent plus utilities. As you can see, being a representative payee is a difficult job that should not be undertaken lightly. Being a representative payee is a serious and demanding responsibility. For example, clean water, healthy food, rent, mortgage, electric, gas and adequate clothing are the necessities you must provide before such things as a video game or mp3 player. A representative payee can never refuse to care for the beneficiary as punishment for something the beneficiary has done. I have been receiving social security survivor benefit for a couple of years, so has my son (5 yrs old). As a representative payee, you must allocate the child’s income to prioritized resources. Food and housing expenses must take priority over all other expenses. Representative payees are appointed for minor children and legally incompetent adults and sometimes for adults who have other reasons for being unable to manage their resources. I am his representative payee. There's a lot more to being a representative payee than just making sure the rent is paid. For example, Carol’s representative payee told her not to talk to certain members of her family. EIPs do not belong to nursing homes and other care facilities, the IRS warns. If the beneficiary asks the representative payee for assistance in using the EIP in a specific manner or saving it, the representative payee can provide that assistance outside the role of a representative payee." They are responsible for handing the claimant’s money and for filing periodic reports with the Social Security Administration. However, the SSA assumes that adult beneficiaries who have not been found legally incompetent do not need the assistance of a representative payee.