You can give the authors a central place to manage everything about the template—such as structure, initial content and layout—and the components used in the template. For example, AEM comes with several templates … AEM comes with a number of default templates available out of the box. Default Templates. Components use, and allow access to, Widgets, which are used to author/render content. Experience of creating OSGI bundles, AEM Templates/Components, Workflow Identifying and documenting functional and technical requirements. Find more on AEM Experience Fragments. Adobe AEM offers Template Editor console that provides flexibility to create templates without the help of development team. See these guides, video tutorials, and other learning resources to implement and use AEM 6.5. With editable templates, you enable template authors to create and modify templates as needed. Display a language switcher. In addition, you relieve the development team of some responsibilities. To create a Page, the Template’s content must be copied (/apps//templates/