This section gives an overview of this process and follows with a description of what occurs at a technical level. The template folders for the We.Retail reference implementation can be used as an example. Before a template can be used it must be enabled by either: Enabling the template from the Templates console. Now Creation of templates is … See the authoring document Creating Page Templates, which details the capabilities of editable templates as exposed to the template author. It is best practice to create a new folder to hold your customized templates and not to use the global folder. Configure the structure, content policies, initial content, and layout of the new template. If the value is not set on the type, it can be set on the template. but it should not be allowed in - 238175 With AEM 6.2 , Editable Templates … Ask Question Asked 2 years, 10 months ago. Find more on AEM Experience Fragments. Editable templates have been introduced in AEM 6.2 and since then with each next version they are constantly improving. Have references to information held in the template and template type. Once a template is created, there is no inheritance from the type to the template. However, if you decide to create your own content pages from scratch without basing them on sample content, you must make sure to include the cq.shared namespace. For details on how a template author defines policies, see Creating Page Templates. Once a component that already contains content is unlocked, this content will be moved to the initial branch. Create and manage page templates without a developer. It is recommended to define the breakpoints for the responsive grid and setup of the mobile emulator at on the template type. The content (or design) policies define the design properties of a component. Content policies can be created and selected in the template editor. You can also create your own site-specific template types if required. With editable templates, this value is now stored at the template level and is not supported at the page root level. A good rule of thumb is to keep the number of templates under 100. For example, on: Select the package and click OK. Once the package has been uploaded you will need to install … Templates should no longer be stored in /conf/global, however for some legacy installations there may still be templates in this location. The out-of-the box template types are stored under: You must not change anything in the /libs path. I am trying to look to context for the emails in AEM like kind of newsletters, which I can see OOB things in AEM 6.1 version in Geometrix Outdoors project. A template can be enabled or disabled to make it available or unavailable to page authors. For technical details on template layout, see Layout in this document. See the following section ACLs and Groups for details. *, Are created with a subtree that is merged from structure and initial in the template. When creating a Content Fragment you also need to select a template. Provide templates that retain a dynamic connection to any pages created from them. Dealer Locator. To create a page, the templates’s content (apps//templates/