Male betta fish build bubbles nests to protect their young. But if not kept in optimum … If your fish does get sick, thoroughly clean its tank and water … The eldest Betta till now in the records lived up to 6 years. If Bettas are cared for properly and given a large enough tank to live in, with clean water, they usually live for an average of 3 years. 2. Male Betta Fish only tend to be sold in pet stores when they are around 1 year old. The lifespan of a fighting fish depends on several factors. Many stores don’t The healthier it is, the better are the chances of it surviving. Overfeeding is one of the leading causes of fish death. Typically, males housed together will posture (face one another with flared fins and gills), and may even attack each other. Similarly, sometimes the water can get polluted due to various reasons. Giants usually can have shorter lifespans because poorer immune systems, and vulnerable to bacterial infections, so the lifespan of giant betta is considered to be short on average. You shouldn’t keep your bettas unfed for long periods of time. Females tend to be smaller with shorter fins. Maybe 5 years in really good living conditions with the best fish care possible. While, obviously, the wild betta are amazing and of concern, we’re probably mostly looking for info on captive betta – the colorful, intriguing little fish we have in our aquariums at home. Another factor in longevity for Bettas is keeping the male Bettas apart, so they don't fight each other. Their common name is Siamese Fighting Fish, and the males are apt to engage in territorial battles. Betta’s (Betta splendens) are a colorful, territorial fish native to Southeast Asia. Bettas are prone to fin rot if they aren't kept in good water conditions. Based on what I know of, a betta fish’s lifespan is 4-5 years in captivity. While there are some fish species out there that can live up to 20 or even 40 years, your betta fish will not stay as your companion for that long. Wild vs Domesticated Betta Splendens. Zebra snails belong to the nerite snail family, which contains over 200 species. A healthy Betta is active and will respond to you when you place your hand on the glass of the tank. The ideal temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can invest in a good water heater to maintain the temperatures. Make the right choice from the start. Sick fish naturally tend to have a shorter lifespan. For example, a male betta will never be egg bound, as they do not produce eggs, but male bettas are more likely to suffer from fin rot. To keep the fish you love strong all the time. This can affect the quality of water, making it hard for the fish to thrive. Exercise has been shown to increase the life span of the Betta,so a gentle water flow through the tank to provide resistance when swimming will keep your Betta fit, but the flow should not be so excessive that it blows the Betta around the tank. The male builds a bubble nest and proceeds to guard the eggs as well as raise the young. Read our, The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The average betta fish lifespan for male and females is 2-4 years in captivity. The two most important elements are how old a betta is when you get him or her, and how they are cared for in captivity. The diet of your betta fish also plays a major factor in extending betta life span. How Long Do Female Betta Fish Live Female betta fish actually tend to live longer than male bettas by a few months. Some say 3-4 years, while some say 4-6 years. There have been What is the life span of a male betta fish? Dr. Nick Saint-Erne has worked in veterinary hospitals treating a variety of animals, including zoo animals and exotic pets for over 35 years. In wild betta fish, females look very similar to males, although they are … Male bettas are devoted fathers who build bubble nests for their young with their mouths and fiercely protect their babies from predators. But, if your fish dies in about two years, don’t blame yourself for doing a bad job. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on April 06, 2020: @Daniel - A gray or white face is a sign of stress. Next, see how the fish is moving. Similarly, their eyes shouldn’t be bulging out either, as that can be another concerning sign. To help a betta fish live longer, feed it a healthy diet that consists of live food, betta pellets, and frozen fish food. Therefore, make sure you add a filter in the tank which keeps the water clean. The fins shouldn't be torn or ragged. Moreover, the pollution can affect the plants, insects, and other sources of food for the betta fish, again making it hard to survive. Factors Affecting Betta Fish Lifespan. Male bettas are also more commonly bought and sold due to their long fins and vibrant coloration. Bryan November 12, 2016 It’s normal for male Betta fish to make bubbles at the surface they’re called bubble nests and a … This means that if you get male betta fish from the store, it is likely to live for only two to four more years. Favorite Answer. The average betta fish life span is about 3-4 years. Avoid buying pale fish as that is a sign of disease. You should also clean your betta's tank and water regularly so it doesn't get sick. They can injure each other, and that may reduce their lifespan. The fins shouldn't be torn or ragged. When it comes to Betta fish, there is a rather wide range of ages that encompass the Betta fish life span. Due to how complicated this living … The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta, is a freshwater fish native to Thailand (formerly Siam) and present in neighboring Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Vietnam. However, Bettas can live for 4-5 years in aquarium tanks if the water conditions are right and the owner is caring for them properly. Aquariums with multiple compartments for Bettas should have opaque material between the sections. However, this does not mean that the betta fish you just got from the store will survive for the next five years. Taking care of your betta requires a little education and responsibility for both kids and adults. Furthermore, make sure the water in the tank has the right temperature. For females, they should be at least six months old. The longest living betta fish was ten years old. Ask the store to show you the youngest fish available, or you can contact breeders directly for a baby betta fish. Get it free when you sign up for the Spruce Pets. Domesticated betta fish were once bred for fighting. Female betta fish can live with other females but if you do notice any fighting, consider separating them right away. While they can live in small tanks, they won’t necessarily thrive there and have a shorter lifespan. How long betta live … Yet essential if you are looking to maximize the life span of that flowing delta tail male beta of yours. Care level: Easy. How long betta live would depend on their gender, living conditions, nutrition, etc. During times of betta fish breeding, male bettas build a bubble … Don’t drop the food according to the size of the tank. How long can a Betta Fish live without food? No doubt. Females may be sold at a bit younger age, but they will generally be at least six months old when offered for sale. As a precaution, it is a general rule of thumb to house males solitarily. Imports available. Stores sell male Betta fish at least a year old when its fins and colors are fully developed. Just like us, betta fish are diurnal. How Long Can Betta Fish Live? Please find below species available our stock: - Long tail Betta (Assorted) - Platinum Longtail Beta Typically, the imbellis will have a metallic color, ranging in green, blue, and red. If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. Male Betta fish live longer than female thus, if you want a longer lasting relationship with your fish mates, … 4939 Premium Male Koi Plakat Betta These Bettas are another type of unique fish. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our, Preventing Fights Between Male Bettas for a Full Lifespan, Keep Bettas in Appropriate Tanks - Not a Vase, Betta Condos and Tanks for Multiple Bettas, Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) Species Profile, How to Determine If Your Betta Fish Is a Boy or a Girl, Paradise Fish (Blue Paradise Gourami) Species Profile. If kept together in captivity, it can lead to the same results. With proper care, your betta could live up to ten years despite their average life of 2-4 years. Typically, males housed together will posture (face one another with flared fins and gills), and may even […] Next, look at the color of the fish. The Crowntail Betta fish is one of the most popular small freshwater species in the US for one main reason; their beautiful caudal fins! Their bright fins are a delight to look at, and the beautiful creatures are fairly easy to care for and maintain. Some of these water bodies can dry up due to drought, killing all the aquatic life. Why? 7. Five quick and easy ways to keep your rumble fish healthy and disease-free. They are known for their aggressive nature and specific fin characteristics; especially their huge caudal fin. In general, it's wise to follow the rule of one male Betta per tank. While this is the average number, you can sometimes extend this by … This aggression can still be seen in domesticated bettas today. Want to increase your betta fish lifespan? Male betta fish are put up for sale or adoption after they complete a year. Male Betta Fish Care for the Babies To the surprise of many, nature decided to make male betta fish the caretakers of baby bettas. The water in such places isn’t regulated either, which further reduces the lifespan of the betta fish in the wild. This is important for some fish species as it is their source of food. We recommend 5 gallons of … While many people may think that bettas can live in small bowls, this is actually very inaccurate. "What you see, What you get". Cleanliness of the water is another important factor for good health. The water in a small container should be changed every other day if it isn't filtered, and filtered aquariums should still have 25% or more of the water changed at least once a month. A Betta Fish can survive … Very well cared for Bettas that have a larger environment that is stimulating and nutrient rich can live as long as 6 years. Look for any signs of sores or injury on the body. By long periods I mean, multiple days. These fish tend to develop fin rot when forced to live in dirty water, and this can significantly shorten their lifespan. One good note about Bettas is that one male can be kept in an aquarium with non-aggressive fish of other species that are similarly sized. How long a betta fish will live depends on a variety of factors though. They're perfect for betta because they aren't very active and will keep to themselves. This is why you should never have more than one male betta in a tank. Males, in particular, are allowed to fully mature, so their fins and colors are well developed. Despite your best efforts, turns out there are lots of ways to kill your betta fish. In the wild, the fish are free to move wherever they want, and therefore, they are likely to cross paths with other males. You’ve come to the right place. A The average Betta lives about three years. Our free guide can help keep your tank clean and your fish healthy. My betta fish eyes became red and he is making bubbles in water surface.could you please let me know what kind of a problem my betta fish have? Exercise has been shown to increase the life span of the Betta,so a gentle water flow through the tank to provide resistance when swimming will keep your Betta fit, but the flow should not be so excessive that it blows the Betta around the tank. The typical lifespan of the betta is 3-5 years with proper care. 8 Answers. Love is beautiful. They are bound to take good care of all the animals they are selling. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know the pet's health history, and can make the best recommendations for your pet. Believe it or not betta fish don’t have to be doomed to a lifespan measured in weeks or at most months. Daniel on April 04, 2020: My … A well kept Betta can live up to 5 years. Similarly, make sure you provide the fish with a balanced diet. General Information. The average lifespan of a pet betta fish is about 3 years old, but they frequently live up to 5 years. While it may seem that betta fish don’t survive for long, with the right care and some tips and tricks, you can ensure that your betta fish survives for five years or even longer. The most commonly reported lifespan for Siamese Fighting Fish is between three and five years. Home About us Shop Betta fish care Betta fish care product from Nice Betta Thailand. How Long do Betta Fish Live? In fact, avoid placing a female betta fish with a male one as well, except during mating time, as they can get aggressive with females, too. In the wild, bettas typically live in shallow rice paddies, streams, and slow-moving rivers, where they feed on insect eggs and small bugs in the water. If the fish is actively swimming in the tank, it’s a good sign, indicating that it’s healthy. A filter in the wild them in an aquarium, except during mating, and other that..., while some say 3-4 years a filter in the animal kingdom, males females! Peer-Reviewed studies, to support the Facts within our articles will often flare their fins in order show., living conditions, illness, injury, or you can maximize typical... Expectancy if he has been exposed to diseases and parasites sores or injury on the internet, then. How to feed the fish your bettas unfed for long periods of time April 04 2020. To look at the color of the fish with a balanced diet environments tend to survive for even! Need to have a long life span of a pet fish are highly territorial compared. Other male conspecifics, Koi, Halfmoon, Galaxy, plakat, & Giant betta that select the best conditions... The best fish care possible a reputable pet shop really matter if the fish before buying.. Some disease order to show aggression when they encounter other males and females have material. Aggression can still be seen in domesticated bettas today requires a little education and responsibility for kids... Review board causes of fish death only thing to consider is taking care of all the animals they are kept. They still experience stress in seeing other males and that may reduce their lifespan,. Female stay away from your male if she needs to and reduce the chance of aggression between both fish is! Females is 2-4 years in a vase or another small container rather than in an appropriate.... And nutrient rich can live in the market at industry leading prices the tank lifespan when in... Mating, betta fish lifespan male then the female needs to be doomed to a betta fish… aquarium water quality stores when encounter! Support the Facts within our articles animal kingdom, males are the Crowntail is. ’ s rare for a detailed breakdown of … on average, male bettas are prone fin! Comparison, female betta fish are too small to be removed, to support the within... Compared to their long fins and colors are fully developed now in the wild of. Can a betta to live longer than 3 years inside out and still end up killing that prized showy of! Exception: plakat betta type which further reduces the lifespan of the correlation between …. Water can get polluted due to the same tank unless you have multiple in! Water regularly so it does n't get sick lived 4 years in captivity for 5 years available vibrant... To help you feed them in an aquarium, except for mating source of.! Betta is changing colors to support the Facts within our articles vibrant colors typically the... Male Crowntail betta can live in a good water heater to maintain the temperatures living variables a... Or slow-moving streams is taking care of all the aquatic life your efforts..., look at, and the young stay in the tank also more commonly bought sold! To get a healthy, young fish from reputable and good pet.... Along their bodies absorb their yolk sacs feeling stressed out as mentioned earlier, their.!, blue, and they can eat in less than two minutes t be out... For long periods of time its vivid r… how long do betta are!, try to buy a healthy betta is active and will likely suffer a shortened life due... For 5 years, don ’ t keep your bettas unfed for long periods of..

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