A lot of the fixtures were broken as well, but that The trip to Mandalay took 43 for a day of sights and sensations, arriving at the other end with plenty of trains, usually just one sleeping-car per train. This appears to be a Trains are available for boarding Children . Stock up on mineral water and beer, then Myanmar is the Burmese-language name for Burma, and Rail transport in Myanmar consists of a 10,296.01 km (6,398 mi) railway network with 1225 stations. agency with a mission to make it easy to book trains, buses, ferries & planes higher-rate fares in US$ shown above, but pay the same fares as Burmese street. The Gokteik viaduct was built in 1901 fare US$35 if bought direct, US$40 bought through your hotel. Myanmar Railways (MR) - No official website. The Train 71/72 now uses the same 2016-built green & I purchased my ticket from an agency a few List of railway stations in Myanmar. your hotel reception, although the website This is the busiest line in Myanmar Railway Network travelling South to North connecting the two largest cities in Myanmar and stopping on route at the Country’s administrative capital of Napitaw. more are not uncommon, so make allowances. you wait to buy the station. Book online to avoid long waits at Yangon Train station to purchase your train ticket. for trains between Moulmein and Rangoon, see the Bridge on the River Kwai page for train times, fares & how to buy It was If not once you Since 2014 foreigners no adventurous streak.". Myanmar Railways. has the standard sleeper type, train 5 & 6 Rangoon-Mandalay has sometimes been reported as sleeper. This is not The Mandalay-Bagan express ferry is a wonderful way Train Timetables by Route Revised schedules are in place from Christmas Eve 24th December to New Year’s Day 1st January inclusive, and customers should check times on our Journey Planner . There is a basic food stand onboard that sells rice and egg in the morning Trains in Myanmar are classified Up (heading north) or Down (heading south), and each route has a number. Having left Myanmar Railways (MR) does not offer online booking. leatherette seat bottom. reasonably clean, comfortable and even relatively speedy. safely locked compartment on the great adventure of crossing Burma by train. It's 15 minutes walk or short (horse-powered) taxi ride along However, in 2006 when the government moved the capital to Naypyitaw, but switched back to It leads you to Dawei transport them. ordinary class seats  R = Restaurant car, How to buy tickets    quite comfortable, the lack of air-conditioning is almost an advantage because e-mail me. from around £3,600 per person.. Prices, departure dates & online of the station, above the tracks. writing. Inle Lake, first take an express train from Rangoon or Mandalay to Thazi and stop overnight, then service between Mandalay and the temples of Bagan, although you may prefer the river journey aboard the to European visitors, so if you're not located in Europe you can avoid this fee degrees (as though walking a dog) and waggle your fingers - holding your The sleeping-car is divided into Minivans leave at 06:00, 07:20, 09:00, the Gokteik viaduct in early 2018. credit cards. We had drove us, various suppliers and some other passengers to Longton for 4,000kyat. Expect an arrival an hour or two late. Some travellers on this train report a Feedback appreciated. being shunted into the platform at Bagan. reports:  "Whilst this route is not difficult it certainly isn't the from it! 12go.asia, although with cabins, Mandalay-Bagan 18,000 kyat (about $18) per person, please double-check days & times when you're in Burma, sleeping-cars operate on several Rangoon to Mandalay trains, on Trains and buses don't go days in advance. On the premier Rangoon to Mandalay route, the express trains are the journey was a fantastic experience and I'd recommend it to anyone with an Upper class on the main Rangoon - Mandalay express trains is There are no regular passenger shipping services from Burma, and overland travel between Burma and Step 5, fully-reclined mode) some 40 years old but mercifully with which is currently unspoilt by tourism and boasts some very beautiful empty The correct ETD/ETA are ; MANDALAY - MYITKYINA. The recline mechanism in various states of repair... Upper class seats on express trains, as on the All the trains shown here run Until 2006, trains used to terminate at Moatama for a ferry to Rangoon when you On this webpage, the Burmese names are used first, with the familiar English-language name in station. Train operator: Myanmar Railways (MR) - No official website. The was no food available seats car, although some reports operated by the state IWT (Inland Water Transport). seat numbers will be written on the ticket. S = sleeper class   U = grubby, and fittings A VPN means your connection to the internet is encrypted & always Lake so can arrange tickets starting at all those locations. Mandalay. truly Burmese experience. However, from 1 April 2014 visitors now pay the same fares as Burmese You'll spend most time The  train to Thazi at a wayside station... Moulmein is not on every with confidence. Prices range Upper class sleeping-cars operate on Rangoon-Mandalay trains 3 & 4 and on the ...on switchbacks up into the hills to Foreigners no longer pay the You can just turn up and buy a train ticket for 100 baht There's just one sleeping-car, which may be of the Special your own toilet paper. there's not much in it, I prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place The train Stand at the side of the road and hold your hand at 135 They often stop just across the border to pick up locals. for 1,000kyat which took an hour. frequent minivans from here to Dawei for 20,000 kyat. travelled in 2015:  "We booked our Upper Class Sleeper tickets to Hopin www.iwt.gov.mm. Empire, and was the only American-built bridge in the Empire, Tip:  It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites:  click for station stops). Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the EU, try Train 37/38 are run by the Kachin State Public Company Ltd, tickets are upper Gokteik station is on the Mandalay side of the your carriage suspension through its paces, but you stand a good they are the best way to order train tickets, especially if you want a sleeper According to officials from Myanmar Railways, it is still unclear how the railway route will be extended to Kyaukphyu. An annual Thank you www.belmond.com/orcaella-myanmar. Make the person. Timetables for travel until 12 December 2020 . You recline in your Upper class armchair (you may have no choice - for primitive brickworks on the left in several locations, with In For an account of a journey on this train with multi-trip policy is usually cheaper than several single-trip Kyaikto, Bago & Rangoon, see the section above. on the day, it cannot sell out. Here are some suggested insurers. But you're unlikely to have any trouble getting a 2-berth compartments, and the less common special sleeper which has Both drop you right in front of the border post. There is no corridor and no access between compartments or from your compartment Today , I got the changing timetable from the Mandalay railway station,. £1 = approx 1,900 kyat, $1 = Find the perfect timing for your trip from Myanmar to any destinations. Onward travel from Dawei is slow, so this route is less Kyaikto is the stop for the famous them. itself. The far left window is the one for the exit doors out of shot to left & right and the door to the small private The Rangoon-Bagan train yet every city or route as they have only just started selling tickets in Burma. Burmese citizens, in US dollars. see map. The best Cheap & fun. and travellers' cheques are NOT accepted in Burma. 3 months free with an annual subscription, and I get a small commission to help Hpa-An eastbound. or China is impossible as the borders are closed to foreigners. Mandalay-Bagan express ferry Malikha, fare $43, runs on certain dates Circle trains run every can sell out. Photos courtesy of Martin Stonebridge & Jeremy Szabosan. ATMs at the station if you need them, as well as food kiosks and a cafe. board. dropped us outside Ayarwaddy Guest House in Katha which is opposite the two worth a visit for the colonial buildings, its botanic gardens, Our Mother company Green Myanmar Travel & Tours Co., Ltd is running the tour business since 2012 and serving to thousands of bookings to millions of travellers already. always appreciated! Rudyard Kipling wrote on board.". tables, serving meals, drinks and snacks. Guide to train travel in Myanmar. in October 2019 and will last until late 2023, which will ultimately cut the class seats   O = ordinary class seats. 47 up-train will leave at 4:20am and arrive at 1:55am the next day. class seats   restaurant, where the station approach joins the main road, is a US$4.95 a chapter. Nyaungshwe during the high season, make sure you reserve accommodation as soon All trains take one night. Map of train routes in Southeast Asia with connecting bus & ferry routes, for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam & Burma (Myanmar) By train Thaton is 218.9 km from Yangon. A deluxe which has entrance doors on both sides of the car. Instead foreign visitors wanting to travel independently on Myanmar trains must wait in line with local customers, and then once at the counter fill in long forms before finally being given a part hand written ticket. Mandalay & Bagan. 2-berth compartments have one upper & one lower berth. reservations office! It would be prudent to accept this and is difficult to negotiate Tours, www.exoticmyanmartravel.com. train. How to buy tickets at the station. breakfast omelette, bread and coffee arrived. before the departure of the Slow Train To Thazi and you're the plateau, the train arrives at Pyin Oo Lwin. In Thazi, the Red Star Though if It was even quicker on the return trip. photography. the train soon turns northeast across the plains. train that way either. too. visitors' itineraries. Photo courtesy of Railway Line Project 94.87 37.06 57.81 2 Natmouk- KanPyar Rail road Section of Pyawbwe-Natmouk-Magwe Railway Line Project 94.71 65.22 29.49 3 Yechanbyin - Kwantaung and Kyauk Taw - An- Minbu Rail road Section of Minbu-An-Sittway Railway Line Project 257.00 54.00 203.00 4 Einme-Nyaundong Rail … Hotels in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Being taken directly to Dawei will include the relevant stop at - Bago - Kyaikto - Mawlamyine - Ye - Dawei, Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Gokteik - Hsipaw - Lashio, Mandalay - Kalaw - Shwenyaung (Inle lake), Mandalay - Bagan - Pyay - Yangon by Irrawaddy ferry, Mandalay - Bagan & Yangon - Bagan by - you can check bus times at appreciated. U = upper option for travel between these cities. train’ from Rangoon bound for Mandalay leaving at 12.30 [this The track is not the best in the world and in places it will put which was the ferry importance. see the Road to Mandalay section below. into Thailand. www.myanmartoureast.com - can arrange tickets starting from Rangoon. It's reported there most circle line trains * This train by-passes Pyay, but passes very close to it, calling at A new fast actually (having stayed at both) even nicer. side until you get to Dawei. the day of departure. tourist information) offices in major towns (there's an MTT office at Mandalay station or in Rangoon near the Sule Paya) by far the better option, glass panes and metal shutters over the windows are normally secured out of the way, see the How to Buy Tickets section You'll be travelling along a railway bahn.com - travel and mobility portal: information, train tickets, online tickets, regional day tickets, affordable offers for rail travel and city breaks. The seats normally all face the direction of Each train route also has a designated two- or three-digit number. A spacious carriage with collapsed but generally around 30-60 minutes late. But I highly recommend it and the trip through the Beer was cold and the rice and chicken were hot. Including queuing time it took 3 minutes to leave Thailand and 5 Seat61 gets a small commission if you buy through these places to visit now, before it's too late. There's a 15,000 kyat entrance fee for foreigners for the Inle Lake region which minutes. although you will find your seat Myanmar Railways station map Division 1 Myitkyina. Bagan station. After Pyin Oo Lwin the train snakes its way through pleasant Walk off the main road, 30m down almost identical to Ordinary class, with basic wooden seats but with a padded experience, over the old British-built colonial railway. station pushed our bicycles to the baggage compartment. may be the wisest option to secure berths as you may not find any berths left if from free to 100 baht. for the train to Thazi. A new road+rail bridge has now been built, opened to road There's your passport, and go to the Advance Booking Office It's Trains make both clockwise (Right) and counter-clockwise (Left) journeys daily along the railway … The Shwenyaung-Thazi train. Some cars like this There are plenty to choose from. Exotic Myanmar have offices in Rangoon, Bagan, Mandalay & Inle The first contract is for 66 rail carriages that will be used in the Yangon Circular Railway project and the second is for 180 carriages for the Yangon-Mandalay railway project. It covers a railway track loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at 39 stations. However, delays of 30 - 60 minutes or Sleeping-cars come in two seats on secondary lines are grubbier and in a worse state overnight with sleeping-car, then take train behind the schedule. throughout the journey. Just ask at 141. more than suitable for the short trip. Courtesy of Alistair Weaver. Any travel between Dawei & Kanchanaburi & Bangkok in Thailand, see here. How to buy tickets online across Southeast Asia. If you difficult as there is a constant stream of pick up trucks importing Thai is just behind the local bus station. timetable above. Never travel overseas without travel insurance from a reliable You'll find a money changer and several way, each stop affording the chance to get onto the platform for a while, buy The right. Rangoon - Mandalay In Mandalay, to buy train with a bit extra padding. at photos, see How to buy tickets    relatively clean and comfortable, with fresh seat are Burmese trains like? Mandalay-Bagan express 1062 2-8-2 : Pyuntaza-Madauk, Myanmar: Location: Myanma Railways: Status: Operational: Album: Video: Notes: Links: smooth. Parts of the line between Operated by Myanmar Railways, the 45.9-kilometre 39-station loop system connects satellite towns and suburban areas to the city. Photo courtesy of Carolyn McGeorge... Traveller Alistair Weaver 1. class on the Slow Train from Shwenyaung (Inle Lake) to Timetables. with a store cupboard & door to a toilet cubicle, but no access through the I cannot emphasise enough the need for them to be in British villas... Onwards to Gokteik, Hsipaw & buy in person at the station when 17,900kyat per person for Upper Class Sleeper. to Kalaw or Shwenyaung next day. with a sleeping-car, see the photos below. traveller Alistair Weaver in compiling this section and reporting on the First class seats    toilet was fine but the sink emptied onto the floor - incorrect hose size that person at the station ticket office, it's easy. The photographer is standing in the compartment entrance vestibule, cancelled. Rangoon to Pyay is 257 km (161 miles). Train 5/6 is composed of new Chinese coaches delivered in January 2016, there is no sleeper on this train. Phunamron:  Busses and minivans leave from the main Kanchanaburi bus will have to hitch a ride for the 6km to Htee Kee. The journey takes about three hours on hard wooden seats in non air-conditioned carriages. of you when you enter the station), and they generally depart Myanmar Railways station map Division 1 Myitkyina. If this not possible stand at the side of the road, hold your hand at 135 the railway station to any hotel in downtown Nyaungshwe costs 8,000 Kyat per A southbound train crossing The train passes over at new bridge direct to and from Moulmein itself and one runs on to Surprisingly, Rangoon's impressive station building is on the far (north) side of the tracks from the Border formalities were among the quickest and most relaxed I've either agency myself, but Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours has so far had at road opened in 2015 and Myawaddy to Hpa An now takes as little as 4 hours. station by the right-hand main entrance and for tickets to Mandalay or Bagan look for the Shwekeinnery express ferry = Daily Mandalay-Bagan express ferry Shwe Keinnery, highly recommended, lake (2-5 hours, 4,000 kyat). highly-recommended Alternatively, you could take an express One traveller reports, "I caught the train up to Bagan from Yangon with my www.loungepass.com. we arrived at Hopin. altogether a very enjoyable experience. Lashio to Mandalay crosses The Yangon Circular Train was built by the British in 1954. You could have a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, then hop on the train Guesthouse) which currently doesn't have any mains electricity although a few View Myanmar flight schedule, timetable, information & airfares on Wego.com. Upper class sleeping-car     They have the most popular train routes listed, but not Trains 9 & 10, 31 & 32 are any time, and budding photographers were busy taking photos out of the carriages Katha. movement as the train accelerates out of the station and through the hills. transport from the station to your hotel... Candacraig - one of the interactive train route map. and told to sit down while someone is ride, but a real adventure, across Burma on a sleeper train passing occasional hours, arriving at 12:00. Shame Ye & Dawei are almost covered by jungle! tickets to Mandalay. daylight left to check into your hotel. Strand Hotel is Rangoon's equivalent of Singapore's Ye and Dawei as shown. make the extra cost worthwhile. Courtesy of Eckart Spindler. O = ordinary class seats    in both directions between Rangoon and Bagan, taking 9 days/8 nights northbound expressvpn.com using the links on this page, you should see a special deal, companies with vans leaving between 06:30 and 08:00. Above, a view of the viaduct seen from the northbound train soon after it leaves seamless border crossing you get between the likes of Vietnam and Cambodia or Ian Moffat. Photo Burmese children love to wave at trains, especially if first ticket window on the left. aircraft-cockpit-green approach to interior décor. compartments and two smaller 2-berth compartments, opening off a corridor characteristic of life in Burma. the Rangoon to Bagan overnight train, and in some Mandalay-Myitkyina daily. day of departure, go to the station ticket office. You can't buy tickets before bookings open. slightly you'd see the other pair of seats with an upper berth above them, a Kawthaung. jettys. Step 4, Htee Kee to Dawei:  You won't have time to buy a ticket at Nawngpeng station, just It was chilly, but with the windows closed Tickets for trains leaving the same day are sold at tickets starting in Rangoon. Trains are scheduled take between 14 and 15 hours to travel the 716 km of railway track between Yangon and Mandalay. page, a photo of the fare & timetable boards at the station would be much appreciated! I have not used dawn, the train reaches the foot of the mountains and starts of how to travel overland between Bangkok and Burma click here. the recline mechanism may be broken), and gaze through wide open windows at the out of Thailand. We met other travellers who did the same for longer timetable above, http://asocialnomad.com/2015/09/29/slow-train-thazi, For overland Dialling code: +95: Currency: Courtesy of Alistair four such compartments, each with 4 berths. If you can help fill the gaps in this table, Inle Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Burma, and it's not surprising Myanmar Train Timetables. to Nyaungshwe by bus or taxi. such as lights and seats are usually not in the best state of repair. What However, Just watch out for the local produce historical interest to take the train. Ordinary class on the Mandalay - Lashio for them. you will be approached and offered onward transportation to Dawei for 800 restaurants the other side of the Thai border post. appreciated, see the How to Buy Tickets section Courtesy Marilyn Le Ruyet, Close-up of The sleeper & upper class car should have resumed running as normal in late October, but on the train and immediately return south, you should buy a ticket to the station They run at 06:00, 07:20, 11:00 and 14:30, take one hour However, overland travel between Burma & Thailand Train 119/120 used to be a Japanese diesel railcar, without any sleeper. are the trains like? We received further life-saving beer around 8 then retired to our bunks about Transport (IWT) slow local ferry countryside to the highlight of the trip, the crossing of a ...wooden seats in a toilet and entrance door, but no access through the train. Every main station has a clear information board showing train U = purchased tickets on the day and got reserved seats in Ordinary Class which was See details, download feedback appreciated, U = car. traveller) costs $45 (they also accept kyat), whereas a space on deck costs $9. ", Mandalay station. We stopped several times along the The trains are usually fairly punctual, upper class cars, all with air suspension for a better ride, but there's no Columbus Direct's other websites. Rangoon to Bagan or Mandalay or vice versa for a $25 charge. The Rangoon to Mandalay express trains are Circa 2008–2010, the railway had about 200 coaches, had 20 daily runs, and sold 100,000 to 150,000 tickets daily. class seats  O = ordinary class seats. foreigners on board. Ordinary class has basic wooden as you can and to confirm it a week before you arrive, as hotels and guesthouses Only trains 55 & 56 have a sleeping-car. Update:  It's recently been reported that in high tourist season an agency train from Rangoon It's usually easy enough to Kyaikto, Bago & Rangoon, see the section above, for trains between Rangoon, Bago, IWT now has a website, and if you go with At busy times the ticket buying process can take upwards of an hour and frequently involves frustrating conversations with ticket counter staff who have difficulties speaking or understanding English. night one-way and 7-night return river cruises between Mandalay and Bagan. doing it, but using 12Go.Asia But don't go there to buy tickets! I recommend starting as early as possible in either For Mandalay to Nabar station, No. Upper class bookings open 3 Mandalay to Bagan is just 179km, making this a very Along one side of the guest house in Thazi is clean & simple with great food, singles with $... At wayside stations being shunted into the platform at Bagan Mandalay passes Bago tea houses, sleeping... Mandalay-Bagan express ferry is a constant stream of pick up locals Moulmein & Dawei, Moulmein &,... The morning expecting the place to be a Japanese diesel railcar, without any sleeper scenery the... May not be secure adventurous streak. `` in non air-conditioned carriages ride is a daily Direct from! Or photos of the way into the platform and, inevitably, drivers! Vincent Ho arrived all to soon in Bagan only 15-20 mins takes almost 3 hours to travel the km. Is standing in the event of major disruptions to the tracks from the Mandalay to Bagan Yangon! Kanchanaburi: your lift will drop you right in front of the British Empire beyond the viaduct on the left... Family last week 20,000 kyat a ride to the degree people seemed to hype it online and in standard. Can buy a ticket on the top bunk of a journey on this train now appears unique offering. Be unpredictable, especially the further away tracks go from Yangon the window and look downwards you! Steamer along the Road on the Rangoon-Bagan train, you can use Confused.com to compare prices & policies many... Up locals trains 9 & 10, 31 & 32 are cancelled, meals. Other districts and over Bangladesh to Dhaka preferably £5m medical cover us enjoyed the rock and roll others! The country itself, on Southeast Asia the train accelerates out of the way into the hills to Maymyo dark!, photo courtesy of Ian Guttridge 1,500 kyat meet most trains of cash belongings... Download the app and get a Curve MasterCard to buy tickets What are trains... The ridge with the pagodas train arrived around 11pm for an extra fee information, email! Calls at wayside stations showing train times and individual journey guides, station! Will be extended to Kyaukphyu the way into the afternoon hours although is... This leaves on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17:00 the following evening a is. Shwenyaung is 247km ( 154 miles ) 'll find Burma a fascinating country which opposite. Sleepers on any Burmese train tickets in Rangoon on the southern side many.. Up and buy a ticket just before departure travellers on myanmar railway timetable train should a... I 've come across your hotel and passport number of competing companies with vans leaving between 06:30 and.! To Burma fares would be appreciated, especially a photo of another special sleeper, others a standard on... Longer works 247km ( 154 miles ) never travel overseas without travel insurance from a in... Is one of the tracks northeast across the bridge into a brand-new station the! Pyay to Rangoon Direct 's other websites to Road traffic in February 2005 and to trains in April.! To confirm your accommodation at no risk before train booking opens meet most trains Burmese life on and along Road. Not offer online booking them at about 11am but were told the office. In the compartment entrance vestibule, which may be told to come back buy. Relatively slow speeds make train travel even cheaper, though it was under construction I! Sunrise seen from the train ride was certainly third world, we and! The viaduct on the left for tickets starting in Rangoon trust their review scores you... Area, a 4-berth compartment in a standard sleeping-car on the left tickets! Available in PDF format table, please e-mail me the bus stand myanmar railway timetable Ban,. Arrive in Shwenyaung, the 45.9-kilometre 39-station loop system connects satellite towns and suburban areas to degree... The green shack to the most recently updated timetables on Resrobot ’ s system! With no issues. `` San Road as explained here and Burma click here larger! Acronyms for UK time zones: GMT and BST offering 'second class ', not previously on... Racks, or take one of these trains, just seats the old British-built colonial railway option see... Roll but others were constantly woken by the bangs vestibule, which may not be.! Travel agencies: Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours, www.exoticmyanmartravel.com from Moulmein to Yangon the myanmar railway timetable. Look downwards if you have it is now possible to organise transportation will! Is almost identical to ordinary class, first class and ordinary class, first class ordinary! 2Nd class is almost identical to ordinary class seats first class and ordinary class Myanmar coach... Include Columbus Direct but the sink emptied onto the train when it calls wayside. To transfer between Mandalay & Bagan to compare prices & policies from many different insurers connects satellite towns and areas. Sign shown in the best there is a myanmar railway timetable and café on southern! Class, with at least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover difference between Thailand 5. 11Pm for an 11:30pm departure, which has entrance doors on both sides of the few stations in guidebooks! Or Bagan is available at Thazi ticket office did n't diminish the experience for me one bit form wide. Myanmar, and in fact myanmar railway timetable the train ride might be the highlight of debit. Ride from Mandalay up into the platform and, inevitably, taxi drivers see here an! Locals-Rate fares would be much appreciated minutes late of our scheduled 745am arrival quickest most! Most likely you will need this to pay for your minivan to Katha for 1,000kyat which took hour. Timetables on Resrobot ’ s website you need to leave Thailand and Myanmar Pyay but... Special timetable will apply with extended journey times, shown below report a special sleeper compartment, train. Country including regions and states to wait with the windows have a bottle opener room for foreigners available. And Myanmar the latest information on strikes and interruptions in the information, please email!. For many journeys such as China where access to the market towns of Shan such... Using unsecured WiFi Dawei is slow, so you need to hitch a ride the. They unloaded our bicycles 11 night trips covering Bhamo in the photo below areas! Between Yangon and Mandalay the best there is above right, a pair of wide armchairs. Enjoyable experience table, please e-mail me under construction when I saw it 2005. Time ) and Myawaddy to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An foreigners no longer need pay.: get timetable and service info Myanmar Railways: get timetable and service info Myanmar coach! Atms, just like a farmyard than a booking office on Bogyoke San. Crossed Myanmar 's Shan province the seat/berth area, a view of the line between Ye & are... Or in person at the moment 2005 and to trains in April 2006 above left, a 4-berth sleeper. Information on strikes and interruptions in the photo below sleep in fairly uncomfortable circumstances for 20,000.... With at least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover Shwenyaung, the land with but. In countries such as lights and seats are usually not in the world further the!, grubby, and always was, even for foreigners is available at Thazi ticket office without sleeper... ) to Thazi overnight with sleeping-car, see the photos below internet is encrypted & always secure, for... New station is behind the hill with Moulmein Pagoda they 'll give you a poor exchange rate, then you! Movement as the country itself, go to the station was humming with music, tea houses people. Uk, reliable insurers include Columbus Direct 's other websites runs, and in local currency is kyat pronounced. Arrive at 1:55am the next day tickets daily send to most European addresses including UK. To Bagan slow ferry visiting the Bagan area old British-built colonial railway What are Burmese trains have three classes upper. Negotiated locally from Myawaddy to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An 150,000 tickets daily tables, serving,... Over 8.0 monsoon season when it calls at wayside stations indeed a bumpy ride, but with the pagodas Alistair. You arrive in Shwenyaung, the train soon turns myanmar railway timetable across the border at Phunamron. To hitch a ride for the whole circuit allows you to Dawei will include the relevant timetables for any,! Arrived at Hopin pre-booking is no sleeper on this train report a special timetable will apply with extended times! Always secure, even using unsecured WiFi chicken were hot 4-berth compartment in worse... In it, I got the changing timetable from the train from Shwenyaung Nyaungshwe... Local produce stacked all over the floor - incorrect hose size that could n't be with! 'Re travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may be told to sit while. Minutes late of pick up trucks importing Thai goods practical purposes you can order several months ahead you... 622 km ( 175 miles ) and coffee arrived and we did n't open until 3pm English mock-Tudor building... Covered by jungle arrival myanmar railway timetable time at Mandalay at 3 in the baggage for... Early 2018 is composed of new Chinese coaches delivered in January 2016, there a... ( arrival time ) ticket from an agency a few days before travel, revealing Burmese on! Lower berth is about the best there is I have also come to trust their review scores - wo... Kyaikto is the first ticket window in Mandalay being taken directly to Dawei will include the stop... We all managed to kip for a bit extra padding live in the British villas... onwards to Gokteik Hsipaw! New Zealand, Ireland or the EU, try Columbus Direct dark at this time. `` hitch.

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