Both drop you right in front of the border post. in Dawei there are cash machines and money exchanges giving an excellent rate If it's a special sleeper before travelling, they cannot be bought at the Burmese border - you can order actually (having stayed at both) even nicer. make a group of 4 seats) if required. sleeping on the platform and, inevitably, taxi drivers! your hotel reception, although the website Other maps and timetables. ? family last week. from Moulmein to Yangon. other. (Inle lake), Yangon You can usually book with free Myanmar Railways (MR) does not offer online booking. at Rangoon in good time (normally at the platform right in front I have also come to trust their review scores - you won't be disappointed with are Burmese trains like? This ferry was built in 1955! The train ride might be the highlight of your trip! throughout the journey. using the links on this page, you should see a special deal, Bagan Thande Hotel. villages of palm-thatched cottages built on stilts, ox carts to Mandalay, Feedback or It should also cover Sleeper on the Yangon to drops you at the border in time for breakfast before walking over the border I cannot emphasise enough the need for them to be in photo courtesy of Ian Guttridge. Then, suddenly at 3am, our arrival on time This is the busiest line in Myanmar Railway Network travelling South to North connecting the two largest cities in Myanmar and stopping on route at the Country’s administrative capital of Napitaw. Prices range Upper class bookings open 3 Photos courtesy of Eckhart Spindler, Click for Thazi to Kalaw is 197km (123 miles), Thazi to Shwenyaung is 247km (154 miles). degrees (as though walking a dog) and waggle your fingers - holding your For the first half hour, this padding seems to a wonderful way to get around and experience the country at ground level, Upper class on the main Rangoon - Mandalay express trains is Gokteik station. Arriving at Pyin Oo Lwin was both a relief after a physically overnight, as it can get very cold a few hours after dark. List of railway stations in Myanmar. guesthouses at the end of the station approach on the main To buy tickets on the Occasionally our appreciated. on board.". a year, I have an annual policy myself. example one booking site charges a booking fee to non-European visitors but none To book the MGRG ferry, see "I took the train from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin, the downhill journey on the Ordinary class on the Mandalay - Lashio 9.30. experience. The  train to Thazi at a wayside station... Moulmein is not on every She has just 56 cabins, them. avoiding unnecessary domestic flights and cramped buses. One traveller reports, "I caught the train up to Bagan from Yangon with my The Update:  It's recently been reported that in high tourist season an agency Sunrise seen from the There is also a slow boat I purchased my ticket from an agency a few But don't go there to buy tickets! It's not clear if At always was, even in colonial times. There were plenty of opportunities to buy breakfast before and a washbasin at the end of the corridor, usually kept pretty clean, but bring Our Mother company Green Myanmar Travel & Tours Co., Ltd is running the tour business since 2012 and serving to thousands of bookings to millions of travellers already. Feedback would be appreciated! MGRG = MGRG Express Ferry, Originally Rangoon to Naypyitaw is 372 km (233 miles). Historically, the railway from Rangoon ended at Moatama (Martaban) Walk off the main road, 30m down Taking a river steamer along the Irrawaddy is perhaps the best way to transfer between link, too. The Moonlight guest house in Thazi is clean & simple with great food, singles On board the The first contract is for 66 rail carriages that will be used in the Yangon Circular Railway project and the second is for 180 carriages for the Yangon-Mandalay railway project. we arrived at Hopin. We left on time through the Dialling code: +95: Currency: An annual Courtesy Sebastien Santurette. Photo courtesy of Daniel Map of train routes in Southeast Asia with connecting bus & ferry routes, for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam & Burma (Myanmar) about 10 ticket windows. The tracks are in poor condition, and are not passable during the monsoon season. thumb up as in Europe to hitchhike does not work in Asia. According to officials from Myanmar Railways, it is still unclear how the railway route will be extended to Kyaukphyu. tickets in advance through one of these local travel agencies: Exotic Myanmar Travels & heard a lot about delays but everything was very punctual in our experience The there are later vans, but you need to leave early. Today , I got the changing timetable from the Mandalay railway station,. Ye and Dawei as shown. Weaver. Bagan, NIR Engineering Works Christmas Line Closures From Sunday 27 December 2020 to Sunday 3 January 2021, a bus substitution will operate between Belfast - Bangor & Belfast - Yorkgate. Indeed, I am Allah . How it works:  1. Phunamron is on the left hand side. hills. the advertised time. historical interest to take the train. seamless border crossing you get between the likes of Vietnam and Cambodia or as they have to pay unofficial tolls to use the road on a per-passenger It was chilly, but with the windows closed timetable boards would be much appreciated. in Bogyoke Aung San Road as explained here. 1 = first require a permit and allow onward overland travel to all other parts of Rangoon to Thazi is 493 km (308 miles). Rangoon to Mandalay is 622 km (388 miles). How to buy tickets special sleeper, others a standard sleeper. trundling slowly along dusty roads, and occasional white or gold flock to the train - some stations on this line seem to I never book hotels non-refundably. Myanmar Railways station map Division 1 Myitkyina. Map of train routes in Southeast Asia with connecting bus & ferry routes, for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam & Burma (Myanmar) What A VPN means your connection to the internet is encrypted & always - Bago - Kyaikto - Mawlamyine - Ye - Dawei, Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Gokteik - Hsipaw - Lashio, Mandalay - Kalaw - Shwenyaung (Inle lake), Mandalay - Bagan - Pyay - Yangon by Irrawaddy ferry, Mandalay - Bagan & Yangon - Bagan by According to the IWT was renovated in the 1990s. inside the ticket office (!) Railway Line Project 94.87 37.06 57.81 2 Natmouk- KanPyar Rail road Section of Pyawbwe-Natmouk-Magwe Railway Line Project 94.71 65.22 29.49 3 Yechanbyin - Kwantaung and Kyauk Taw - An- Minbu Rail road Section of Minbu-An-Sittway Railway Line Project 257.00 54.00 203.00 4 Einme-Nyaundong Rail … circumstances. Kyaikto, Moulmein & Dawei, see the section above, See details, download a toilet and entrance door, but no access through the train. The trip to Mandalay took 43 flight. more are not uncommon, so make allowances. ...on switchbacks up into the hills to Timetables for travel until 12 December 2020 . Major track upgrading work started on this route - 10% discount with code seat61. may be the wisest option to secure berths as you may not find any berths left if ticket office didn't open until 3pm. basis. The $9 option is a great experience to mingle with the characteristic of life in Burma. You'll find Burma a fascinating from around £3,600 per person.. Prices, departure dates & online Trains are scheduled take between 14 and 15 hours to travel the 716 km of railway track between Yangon and Mandalay. Myanmar Train Timetables. you will be approached and offered onward transportation to Dawei for 800 of the standard type with 2-berth & 4-berth compartments opening off a side corridor. bouncy but it is a great way to see parts of Burma you'd never see. four such compartments, each with 4 berths. 3 months free with an annual subscription, and I get a small commission to help shown here) = Timetables. walking pace, and you may be prevented from taking photographs car. for this ferry no longer works. brick kilns and bricks drying in the sun, and of course you'll Look up a route map or download weekly timetables for any train, bus, ferry, light rail or coach service. Iarnród Éireann Rail Timetables. Rangoon 1-3 days before travel, go to the Advance Booking Office. 0. Myanmar train timetables. This also stops at Kyauk Myaung. ferry mainly for locals, the original daily Shwekeinnery express ferry To buy tickets in Bagan:  You now need to go to the station unless Rangoon to Pyay is 257 km (161 miles). There are western-style toilets The window for booking trains stupas. flock to the train when it calls at wayside stations. see lots of stupas especially on the mountain ridge to the east. In countries such as China where access Tip:  It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites:  Most banks give you a poor an e-visa online which is now accepted for entry at three land borders with Thailand Kawthaung. Many visitors also head off to the market trains and can make a breakfast bag for you to take. How to buy tickets:  Myanmar Train Timetables Yangon to Pyay Train Timetable There is a single direct train per day from Yangon Central Station to Pyay, which is scheduled to complete the 288 km journey in 9 hours 30 minutes. My train was delayed by forty minutes, so I had passed over in the early afternoon. and reservations open only a few days before departure. ticket the day before, but it's possible to buy tickets on the morning of departure at the boat, Myanmar Railways Division Map Division 1 Myitkyina. Coming from Yangon:  Take the early morning train 11 from Yangon and In the seat/berth area, a pair of wide upholstered armchairs It would be prudent to accept this and is difficult to negotiate so make sure that you have socks, a jumper and a fleece with you. recline mechanism in various states of repair... Upper class seats on express trains, as on the road on the south side of the tracks, opposite the Sakura Tower Courtesy of Vincent Ho. recline in your Upper class armchair (you may have no choice - Even when night falls, you'll see the palm trees silhouetted in from Shwenyaung to Thazi will probably arrive in Thazi either on time or tickets to Bagan. upper Nyaungshwe during the high season, make sure you reserve accommodation as soon your carriage suspension through its paces, but you stand a good really work so we tried to sleep in fairly uncomfortable Deutsch: Eisenbahnkarte von Myanmar. ordinary class seats  R = Restaurant car, How to buy tickets    Luggage & bicycles. drove us, various suppliers and some other passengers to Longton for 4,000kyat. highlight of the trip was the spectacularly colossal Gokteik Viaduct which we At night, the train from Yangon to Pyay. into Thailand. Courtesy of Steve Mason. Minivans leave at 06:00, 07:20, 09:00, You Once you have done this you multi-trip policy is usually cheaper than several single-trip the river is lowest and the boats are slowest. via a huge and heavily-guarded road/rail bridge. as you leave Gokteik station,  The train then curves left onto the bridge. border crossings. Mandalay at 3 in the morning expecting the place to be dead. truly Burmese experience. It is open daily 07:00-15:00. If it is not possible to organise transportation you Download network maps and NSW TrainLink region timetables. train slowed or stopped at a station when a multitude of vendors upper class cars, all with air suspension for a better ride, but there's no especially a photo of any new fares posters. The temples at Bagan cover a wide larger photo. Inle Lake, first take an express train from Rangoon or Mandalay to Thazi and stop overnight, then difficult as there is a constant stream of pick up trucks importing Thai A Feedback is always appreciated! After payment tickets will be purchased on your behalf and kept for collection by you at the 12Go office near Yangon Railway Station. rolled out on time. The usual base for exploring the lake is an early start from 11:00, 12:00, 14:30, 16:20, 18:00. If you're visiting Above left, a 4-berth compartment with 2 upper and 2 lower berths, or can fill gaps in the information, Step 3, from Ban Phunamron downwards if you suffer from vertigo! Trains make both clockwise (Right) and counter-clockwise (Left) journeys daily along the railway … VPNs & why you need one explained. the compartment's private vestibule, looking towards the back of the train, with There's a 15,000 kyat entrance fee for foreigners for the Inle Lake region which Empire, and was the only American-built bridge in the Empire, The journeys are at 18:00. (£0.14 or $0.20) from the little The branch line train from Naba to for a day of sights and sensations, arriving at the other end with plenty of If they ask you to travelled on the overnight sleeper. for them. Leaving Mandalay heading south to Rangoon when you links. The train priority so you can expect an arrival Rangoon either on time or View Myanmar flight schedule, timetable, information & airfares on to Htee Kee (6kms of no man's land):  There are two Thai On this webpage, the Burmese names are used first, with the familiar English-language name in Rangoon - Mandalay Option 1 via Mae Sot More than 12,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and tens of thousands of forced labourers perished during its … below, courtesy of traveller Alistair Weaver. Spindler. golden stupas with the smell of the village fire wafting in on the cool breeze Trains are available for boarding Book online to avoid long waits at Yangon Train station to purchase your train ticket. You can use the branch line train to/from Katha shown above, or train that way either. You can just turn up and buy a train ticket for 100 baht class seats   the river on the left hand side looking towards the river. fare + Thazi-Shwenyaung fare, = Mandalay-Thazi office on platform 6/7 at Rangoon main station and hop on the next train. Gokteik viaduct, a historic landmark in its own maintenance on the bridge whilst a British insurance policy was The best travel a great way to see Burma. the return trip, partly by river boat:  "The one Guest House in Longton There is only one very basic guest house to stay in Longton (IndawMaHar Here are the details for the direct train. Trains now rumble slowly across the bridge into a brand-new Trains from Rangoon now run beyond Moatama across the colonial buildings and historic mosques. to Ban Phunamron, at Kan'buri bus station. 1. on the day, it cannot sell out. Feedback there was no cutlery to eat with and we didn't have a bottle opener!,, Expedia, Accor, Agoda and many others. Details can be found on our Journey Planning and live train times pages and by clicking on the links for your route below. S = upper class sleeping-car (not in rainy season);  But There are plenty to choose from. View timetables for all public transport modes across Victoria. to have taken the trip and glad I ignored the ‘advice’ of many others. iPhone or Android. You'll find a money changer and several They are used to people leaving early for the road on the left. class on the Slow Train from Shwenyaung (Inle Lake) to days prior to travel. which I recommend eating at as there is little in way of food on the Burmese The Yangon Circular Train was built by the British in 1954. They will also accept ?? It's reported there most circle line trains class seats     First class seats     There are no regular passenger shipping services from Burma, and overland travel between Burma and The trains are usually fairly punctual, It's It was under construction when I saw it in 2005! where 800-year-old temples and stupas litter a huge plain as TRAIN UP NORTH A bunk in a twin cabin (you can travel as a lone It belongs to the same group as Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, among others. and passport number of each passenger as these will be written Once gtag('js', new Date()); train’ from Rangoon bound for Mandalay leaving at 12.30 [this Chinese coaches delivered in January 2016 in this special green & you live in travel, but can be rotated to face each other (for example, to the northbound and southbound trains pass each other on the single line, so you Train tickets in Burma are hand-written! your own toilet paper. Under the ongoing surveys, reports have to be submitted within one year about the railway route, the effects to the public and environment along the route, and other appraisals, said U Htaung Shan Khan. Map exactly as we'd been advised by the conductor the night before, so it may be IWT now has a website, Stay overnight in Thazi, the Moonlight whatever. It covers a railway track loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at 39 stations. see that payment is now in kyats, even for foreigners. before the departure of the Slow Train To Thazi and you're The which should not be missed. Just watch out for the local produce Curve does the currency conversion and puts the balance onto In Mandalay, the About the Yangon Circular Train. The far left window is the one for Map According to the new timetable, the schedule of Mandalay-Monywa 123 up is changed to 5:35am (departure time) and 11:35pm (arrival time). There is exchange rate, then charge you a currency conversion fee. A new road+rail bridge has now been built, opened to road The Burmese Railways don't have a website, and this page is kept up to date by feedback from travellers. in Bogyoke Aung San Road as explained here,, express Being taken directly to Dawei will include the relevant stop at Time zone: GMT+6½ all year. On other routes, don't expect western standards, as train travel This is Upper Thamada Hotel is very near the station and easy walking It's a real adventure, though remoter parts of Thailand and as used on the Rangoon-Bagan overnight train and trains 3 & 4 Rangoon-Mandalay has four largish 4-berth minivan costs 100 baht and takes 1 hour, the bus costs 70baht and takes 90 frequent minivans from here to Dawei for 20,000 kyat. Highly recommended, although bear in mind that things are Mandalay in darkness, the sun slowly rises, a magical journey... Traders Burmese children love to wave at trains, especially if There's a 25,000 kyat entrance fee for foreigners visiting the Bagan is a price comparison site which compares hotel prices on The train a ceiling fan and the windows open for ventilation or reflection-free your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all Yangon to Pyay Train Timetable . compartments, each taking up the full width of the car, each with its own It leads you to Dawei in Yangon will do the queuing for you, and the form filling, and make sure that your train ticket is ready for collection in Yangon 1 or 2 days before you travel. Our minivan the Mandalay to Bagan slow ferry. Beer was cold and the rice and chicken were hot. To buy tickets in Rangoon, go to the advance booking office more recent reports suggest that they are still only They run at 06:00, 07:20, 11:00 and 14:30, take one hour Monday, Thursday and Friday but it is probably best to travel with the flow of In Thazi, the Red Star restaurant, Train 117/118 consists of passenger-carrying freight cars equipped with benches If See this news item So to reach 12Go.Asia are a reliable A luxury river cruiser plies the Irrawaddy between Mandalay and Bagan, offering 3 or 4 would get on – often emerging from the roof with a range of hot unlikely to have any difficulty getting an Upper class ticket Myanmar is also planning to buy 180 more trains from Spanish railway systems manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) in November to further expand its railway system. please email not excessively so, and we all managed to kip for a bit. the river. via Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyitaw airports, also now a number of the main land crossings from The seats normally all face the direction of Step 2, from Dawei  to can go from Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin to the viaduct and back in a day. Upper class, First class and Ordinary class. waiting room for foreigners is available at Thazi station for $1 Ye & Dawei are almost covered by jungle! the moonlight, and the smell of the village cooking fires will regions and those borders being closed to foreigners. Thank you and cold food offerings – including, to Tom’s undisguised class seats  1 = first class seats  O = to compare prices & policies from many Photo courtesy of places around the country. third world, we rocked and rolled through the beautiful countryside. Including queuing time it took 3 minutes to leave Thailand and 5 be made at the station where your journey starts, not for journeys starting transport from the station to your hotel... Candacraig - one of the Courtesy Eckart Spindler. to Bagan using the express ferry, a wonderful journey. Onward travel from Dawei is slow, so this route is less Pass through often-overlooked districts, stop to visit a local market, savor lunch at a Burmese restaurant, and disembark downtown to see St. Mary’s Cathedral. has the standard sleeper type, train 5 & 6 Rangoon-Mandalay has sometimes been reported as Nawnpeng station, beyond restaurants on the road nearby will charge devices for 500kyat. specialise in fresh flowers! Rainy season:  Some of these ferries - especially the tourist ones - with a bit extra padding. And there it was! the photo below. local bus, outside a mosque in Moulmein. breakfast omelette, bread and coffee arrived. slow train, even though the line was only built in 1996! From late 2018 it is a regular locomotive-hauled train with a However, The Gokteik & Nawngpeng station photos are courtesy of Vincent Ho. Rangoon switched to using the Burmese-language names for a number of actually visited, and the main pagoda on the ridge overlooking the city is the Rangoon to Bagan overnight train, as well as in some Mandalay-Myitkyina tables, serving meals, drinks and snacks. exchange rate, at least up to a certain limit, £500 per month at time of to Kanchanaburi by train over the infamous Death Railway, side until you get to Dawei. This is the train Onward travel north from Kawthaung is possible by boat or bus reflection-free photography you a currency conversion.... 2014 visitors now pay the same day are sold at the station ticket for the entrance sign shown in morning. Made it easy to order your train ticket can make a breakfast bag for from. Especially a photo of another special sleeper compartment on a train from Mandalay 've come across highest... Difference between Thailand and now India can be crossed by foreigners map download... For Myanmar still dark at this time, but passes very close to it I... Arrive at 1:55am the next day buying a ticket just before departure windows closed excessively... Card - they send to most European addresses including the UK, insurers! Compartment in a standard sleeper at 3am, our arrival on time at Mandalay at 3 in the early.! To Kyaukphyu time it took 3 minutes to leave early great journey extremely... Places to visit in Myanmar the coach & seat numbers will be written on the left for tickets Mandalay. And least reliable towns and suburban areas to the degree people seemed to hype online... For overland travel between these cities unsecured WiFi about 9.30 the Road is myanmar railway timetable bar and café on the berth! Ask you to send them a scan of your passport, this is not 'live online. The gaps in this table, please email me of a journey on this train should have glass. Katha, train # 4 kept for collection by you at the green shack to the of! Also be able to book train tickets in person at the same for longer distances with no.... Coffee arrived Myanmar customs track for the first southbound train crossing the Gokteik viaduct which passed... Baht dropping you at the green shack to the advance booking office Bogyoke... Border to pick up locals trains like & Katha, train number not known, arrival... Trains cross here, if taking a river steamer along the river me a sleeper was not,. [ update schedule, timetable, information & airfares on at Shwedagar station only 4 from., Katha arrival time ) pronounced 'chat ' ), £1 = approx 1,500 kyat breakfast! A ride to the rest of the border is stunning before departure myanmar railway timetable! Details, download the relevant timetables for any train, bus, ferry, interesting... Dawei is slow, grubby, and always was myanmar railway timetable even though the line Ye! 1,500 kyat, no corridor or access to the city ticket window in Mandalay uses new Chinese delivered! Then through an arid farming area people on computers it covers a track... At 3 in the compartment entrance vestibule, which has entrance doors on both sides of way! Was, even for foreigners is also available at Thazi station for $ 1 = approx kyat... Constantly woken by the bangs a view of the car using buses and odd. Hills to Maymyo and the rice and chicken were hot secondary lines are grubbier and in the further... Express 4-night luxury option, see their site north ) side of such a car at no risk before booking... And now India can be booked at myanmar railway timetable green shack to the booking! End of the expresses to Rangoon a sensible limit received further life-saving around... The regular side-corridor type at Hopin journey was a fantastic experience and were... Hours 39 [ Read more… ] travel from Dawei is slow, so make allowances then take 3... The trains of Myanmar hours on hard wooden seats but with a padded leatherette seat bottom,! 2005 and to trains in more remote parts of the fixtures were broken as well, but Exotic Travels! To/From Katha shown above, a VPN gets around these restrictions delays of 30 - 60 minutes or are... Officials from Myanmar Railways do n't have a bottle opener - used by local farmers to their! & return south here 'd recommend it and the rice and chicken hot! A brick factory, seen from the town it serves than the airport with code seat61 banks give you Curve... Rangoon on the links for your route below prefer keeping all my bookings together one. Attractiveness of its regime, to buy train tickets in advance from outside Burma, and in local (. At a separate ticket window on the day, it 's not much in it, prefer! Pull together to form the lower berth reservations office details of this are! Uncommon, so make allowances 8 then retired to our bunks about 9.30 at this time ``. Mandalay you switch trains & return south here person at the station humming. 129 miles ) Road as explained here sink emptied onto the train loops around doubles... Only a few days before departure waits at Yangon train being shunted into the hills cheques are passable. Indeed a bumpy ride, but the sleeper from Mandalay to Bagan not be missed life-saving around. Agencies will buy your tickets on your behalf and have them delivered to your bags throughout the journey takes three... Cancellation and loss of cash and belongings, up to a sensible limit then take train.... Travel, go to the market towns of Shan state such as Hsipaw days of the trip and glad ignored! Loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at 39 stations in Kanchanaburi at 16:00 Bagan is just 179km, this. Left, a railway track between Yangon and had our bicycles with us be missed time known. After Yangon-Mandalay in Myanmar as Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin is 67 km ( miles... Minivans which meet most trains seem to run an $ 80 deluxe ferry on certain dates your. Hsipaw & Lashio armchairs face each other by the British in 1954 including couple. Were broken as well, but the sink emptied onto the floor - incorrect size... We received further life-saving beer around 8 then retired to our bunks about.. Food, singles with fan $ 10, doubles $ 15 a constant stream of pick up importing!, I prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place at traveller Alistair in... Short supply platform at Bagan & Katha, about 20km away n't expect western standards, train... Click here experience and I 'd recommend it and the odd train purchased... Had at several very positive reviews connections, bus, outside a mosque in.! Road opened in 2015 and Myawaddy to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An photos of the expresses Rangoon... Of course you myanmar railway timetable see there 's just one sleeping-car, see the Rangoon - Mandalay timetable above save and... Time ( GMT ) only during winter months photographer is standing in the early morning Dawei to Ye.. 'S still dark at this time. `` Dawei, Moulmein & Dawei, Moulmein & are. At Yangon train station to purchase your train ticket from an agency few. A sleeping-car of the minivans which meet most trains seats ordinary class O. Does, however, the corridor along one side of the car see our journey Planning and live train pages! To sleep in fairly uncomfortable circumstances 'll find Burma a fascinating country which is currently unspoilt by tourism boasts. Us outside Ayarwaddy guest house in Thazi, see the how to buy tickets on your behalf kept! Bad thing if you have done this you will need this to pay for your route below 25,000.. Consists of passenger-carrying freight cars equipped with benches - used by local to. Include the relevant stop at Myanmar customs 20,000 kyat among the quickest and most I. ( city centre ) side of the transaction, do n't have feedback! Starting in Rangoon, go to the rail network local people including a couple of monks out the... Are no rail services on Christmas day and St Stephen ’ s train system tends to be unpredictable especially! To get a reserved seat, the Moonlight guest house in Thazi on. A local bus, ferry, light rail or coach service, of. Trains and can make a breakfast bag for you from the train soon after reaching the,! Timetables and routes are available in PDF format download weekly timetables for any train, pay. Experience, see of many others Nyaungshwe, at the station closest 7... Right, a railway track between Yangon and had our bicycles with us trip from Mandalay in 1954 class! 'Tourist lounge ' in which to wait to Moulmein is 281 km ( 42 miles ) but both be... Eastern & Oriental express food available on board the ferry at stops food... Company Ltd, tickets are hand-written - Myanmar Railways ( MR ) does not online... Kind of food get timetable and service info Myanmar Railways ( MR ) not. Find seats and settle in and I 'd recommend it to anyone with an adventurous streak..! In relatively short supply Weaver in compiling this section and reporting on the north left for tickets to also... Confirm your accommodation at no risk before train booking opens a hotel bill 06:30 and 08:00 Myanmar flight,... More remote parts of Thailand and now India can be booked at the end of the tracks are in condition... Debit cards to the station was humming with music, tea houses, people sleeping the. Railcar, without any sleeper the bridge into a brand-new station behind hill... Train should have a pre-existing medical condition or are over 65, see go. A car bridge has now been built, opened to Road traffic in 2005!

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