This is all because of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act of 1956. However, not all countries permit this. Premium application service that ensures your visa application is submitted to meet your deadline. You get to enjoy dual citizenship in Ireland; this means you won’t need to renounce your previous citizenship. Let’s say you are from the US and have become naturalized in Ireland – in this case, you would have dual citizenship for the USA and Ireland. Ireland dual citizenship. This means that you can choose to be an Irish citizen and apply for an Irish passport if you want to. Your Foreign Birth Registration Application, under Irish Law, must be signed and witnessed by a medical doctor, attorney, Judge, bank manager, Police Officer, Priest, or School Principal, who is not related to you and knows you personally. Similarly, you must provide documents proving that you and your spouse/civil partner live together permanently. Although Ireland allows dual citizenship, there are a number of countries which don’t allow dual nationality, regardless of the circumstances. Yes, you are eligible to apply for dual citizenship as the spouse/civil partner of an Irish citizen. Travel freely between EU countries without requiring a visa/being subject to passport controls, Take up residence in an EU country without having to meet particular criteria, Your civil marriage/civil partnership certificate, Be in the process of acquiring citizenship in another country. Once you have given birth to your child, you must also register their birth in the Foreign Births Register. If you wish to apply for naturalisation in Ireland, you must have lived in Ireland for a certain length of time under specific forms of immigration permission. If you, or your parent, were born on the island of Ireland on or after 1 January 2005, your right to Irish citizenship depends on: the parents’ citizenship at the time of the birth the residency history of one of the parents before the birth An Irish passport can only be applied for once your child has been registered and has received a certificate confirming their entry in the Foreign Births Register. Learn more. Get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers for advice on Irish dual citizenship. ", "I wanted to apply for Irish citizenship, so I got in touch with the Immigration Advice Service. We will ensure that you provide the relevant supporting documentation, complete with signed forms and declarations. We will also fully represent you in any hearings/tribunals. Ireland is more lenient than other countries when it comes to claiming dual citizenship. Born in Ireland before 1 January 2005 If you were born in Ireland before 1 January 2005, you are an Irish citizen by birth. The process of renouncing Irish citizenship involves completing a ‘declaration of alienage’ form, having this declaration witnessed and submitting this to the Department of Justice and Equality. Dual citizenship is an incredibly powerful tool for frequent travelers and those wishing to live abroad, so I highly recommend claiming a second nationality if you’re eligible. This permission allows you to remain in Ireland indefinitely with full citizenship rights. Some forms of immigration permission do not count as reckonable residence in Ireland, meaning that your time spent in the State under these permissions cannot be used to apply for Irish naturalisation. This applies to dual citizens as well, meaning that persons holding e.g. Your legal advisor will then complete and submit your forms to the Department of Justice & Equality on your behalf. Return to Citizenship home page Irish citizens may also be citizens of another country. To complete this registration, you must: If you are claiming Irish dual citizenship through a parent or grandparent, you must also provide their birth certificate, marriage certificate if applicable and death certificate if applicable. For more information on how we can help with your dual citizenship application, contact IAS today on (+353) 061 518 025. Access service here. Naturalisation is the process in which an individual who is born in one country acquires citizenship of another. Qualifying for Dual Citizenship in Ireland. Call us on (+353) 061 518 025 for comprehensive advice on … With our untimed Advice Session, our professional immigration lawyers will review your case and provide you with comprehensive advice, completely tailored to your needs and your situation. Contact us to discuss your immigration needs and our team will explain the ways we can help you. With our Application Package, your dedicated caseworker will advise you on your application process and eligibility. If you are Irish, you may have to renounce your citizenship to become a citizen of another country depending on their laws. While a candidate must meet various criteria to become a dual citizen of Ireland and the United States, the process remains straightforward and requires only proper documentation and patience. The Republic of Ireland is situated in north-western Europe and occupies roughly five — sixths of the island of Ireland. A connection to … Irish citizenship can be acquired through birth, descent, marriage, or through naturalization. Dual Citizenship Ireland. Ireland allows its citizens to hold foreign citizenship in addition to their Irish citizenship. It is no longer a requirement to supply a copy of photographic identification or proof of use of name. Irish dual citizenship through naturalisation, Dual citizenship for the spouse of an Irish citizen, Immigration permission for dual citizenship, Being born outside of your home country to a parent who is a citizen of your home country, Regaining citizenship in your country of origin having become a naturalised citizen of another country, Be aged 18 or older (unless you are married, in which case you may be under 18), Be of good character (a background check will be complete – a criminal record will be taken into account), Intend to continue living in the State (you must have been resident in Ireland for at least four years of the previous eight years and must not have left Ireland for more than 6 weeks in the 12-months immediately prior to making your application for naturalisation), Make a declaration of fidelity and loyalty to the State by attending a citizenship ceremony, You must have been married to/in a civil partnership with an Irish citizen for three years, You must presently live together in an ongoing, You must be of full age when you apply for dual citizenship through naturalisation, P60s, Property Tax or Social Welfare documents. Designed to make your visa application as smooth and stress-free as possible. Get in touch with one of our experienced immigration lawyers in Ireland who can evaluate your specific circumstances to ensure that you provide the relevant documentation. Which major countries don’t allow dual citizenship with Ireland? By choosing our Appeal Package, you can rely on our lawyers’ legal knowledge and experience to ensure you have the highest chance of a successful appeal. Some countries require that you renounce your citizenship in order to acquire citizenship of another country. This is because, since 1st July 1986, a person is only considered an Irish citizen from the date of entry in the Foreign Births Register. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Find out here if you are entitled to Irish citizenship by birth or descent. If your application for Irish dual citizenship has been refused, one of our immigration law specialists can provide practical assistance. Some descendants of Irish persons who left Ireland before 1922 may have claims to both Irish and British citizenship. Many people spend years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to become EU citizens, so if you have the privileged option to do it in 9 months for $700, I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity! Dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is permitted under Irish law, as well as under the laws of many other countries such as the United States, so you may be able to claim Irish citizenship without surrendering your current citizenship (dual citizenship). Under Irish law you do not have to give up another citizenship to: Apply to become an Irish citizen by naturalisation, Claim Irish citizenship by birth, descent or other reasons, Immigration Service Delivery Acquiring Irish dual citizenship through descent is contingent on the status of your parent at the time of your birth and whether they were an Irish citizen at that time. If you are already an Irish citizen, to acquire dual citizenship in Ireland and the United States, you will have to pass the standard procedure: get a green card, move to the US, and live in the country for three or five years at least, and then apply for US citizenship. In fact, there are 10 million non-resident passport holders taking advantage of dual citizenship from the Emerald Isle. With Irish citizenship comes membership of the European Union – an appealing factor for many. Eligible applicants include (1) any person whose grandparent was born in Ireland; and (2) any person whose parent is an … The conditions of applying for dual citizenship by naturalisation through marriage are: You must have been married to/in a civil partnership with an Irish citizen for three years This witness must also stamp your application form with their official stamp and certify that the copy of your state identification is genuine, The right to vote – this is a significant right for Irish citizens who are able to vote in General elections as well as local elections, European elections, Presidential elections and referendums, The ability to serve on a jury if called upon to do so. However you must still provide proof of address when making your passport application. This means that you do not have to renounce your British citizenship when you apply for an Irish passport. ", "The IAS made the visa application so easy. Free Consultation for Ireland Dual Citizenship. To qualify for Irish dual citizenship by naturalisation, you must: Yes, you are eligible to apply for dual citizenship as the spouse/civil partner of an Irish citizen. Dual Citizenship Services will work closely with you through every step of the process. Dual Citizenship Ireland. You get to own an Irish bank account and also expand your business in every part of the world. If, for example, you are an Irish citizen living abroad and wish to gain citizenship in the country that you are currently residing – however this country does not permit dual citizenship – you would have to renounce your Irish citizenship. We are Ireland's leading immigration specialists, We've had over 5000 applications approved, Get the correct advice from qualified immigration experts, "I recommend the IAS for anyone needing immigration services. However, before the birth of any of your children, you must register your own birth in the Foreign Births Register to ensure that your children will be entitled to Irish citizenship. No, Irish law does not require you to renounce citizenship to acquire dual Irish citizenship. Acquiring dual citizenship; however, is not always easy or cheap. There are many benefits to holding dual citizenship, but there are … As it turns out, there is a stamp (endorsement) you can apply for and have entered in to your non-Irish passport, which will help you through entry points to Ireland and Europe. One of IAS’ immigration lawyers can help with both the completion and submission of your dual citizenship application. However, the law in some countries may require We recently started offering a service that helps people claim their Irish citizenship by descent. We will represent you in any case. Irish Citizenship Application Irish citizenship can be applied for after a foreign national has spent a certain minimum period of reckonable residence in Ireland. Entitled to diplomatic support from Irish embassies etc. They are helpful and very friendly and made everything so simple. This means that some people applying for Irish citizenship will automatically lose citizenship of their home country once they gain Irish Citizenship. How To Get Irish Dual Citizenship By Descent. While Ireland currently allows dual citizenship, it is worth noting that some countries do not recognise dual citizenship. Contact IAS on (+353) 061 518 025 if you require legal assistance to secure Irish citizenship for your child who was born outside of Ireland. If you are an Irish citizen, you may hold dual citizenship, that is, citizenship of another country. This means if you were born in Ireland but then immigrated with your family to America, Canada, Australia or the UK, regardless of their citizenship you’re still eligible to apply for dual citizenship. Simultaneous lines of Irish and UK citizenship for descendants of pre-1922 Irish emigrants. There is also guidance on dual citizenship, and application forms for citizenship by naturalisation. Instead of only acquiring Ireland citizenship through your parents, they also allow you to claim citizenship through your grandparents. The only potential problem with getting dual citizenship for an Irish is if Ireland prohibits or restricts your right to become a rightful citizen in the … The Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts (of 1956, 1986, 1994, 2001 and 2004) set forth laws governing citizenship in Ireland. This is an important consideration given that the applicant may wish to return to their homeland in years to come. We can determine whether you are eligible to acquire dual citizenship and are able to help with all steps of the application process. The path to Ireland dual citizenship can seem overwhelming and confusing to figure out on your own. This may include: To claim Irish dual citizenship, you must have your birth registered in the Foreign Births Register. Ireland’s first recorded settlement was around 8000 BC when hunter — gatherers arrived from Great Britain and continental Europe, probably by means of a land bridge. Their parents must prove that they have a genuine link to Ireland, which can be demonstrated if one parent has three out of the previous four years reckonable residence in Ireland immediately prior to the birth of the child. If you were born in Ireland or have a parent or grandparent who was an Irish citizen, you may be able to claim citizenship by birth or descent. We can assess whether you are eligible to appeal this decision and, if so, can submit an appeal. This applies to children as well as adults. Those who hold dual citizenship are citizens of two countries simultaneously, meaning they have legal rights and obligations with both countries. This means you do not need to apply for dual citizenship; you will automatically have it. If you acquired Irish dual citizenship through naturalisation, you must provide: Do you require legal assistance with your Irish dual citizenship? If you were born in Ireland before January the 1 st 2005, you have the automatic right to claim dual citizenship in Ireland. Part of Categories. Among the highest of dual nationalities in the United States is Ireland, as Americans from Irish descent are among one of the highest in the United States due to heavy periods of immigration. Your case will become a top priority for our lawyers and you will benefit from our highest-quality services. Citizenship is governed by the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts 1956 to 2004 and the Irish Constitution. Your parents do not need to have been married at the time of your birth for you to claim Irish citizenship through descent. Protection Holders, Other Services (Visas, Registration, Asylum, etc…). Our appeal package may be ideal for you –- to find out more about this, contact our client care team on (+353) 061 518 025. Dual citizenship can be gained in a number of ways, including: Irish dual citizenship comes with an array of benefits, particularly for those who are not nationals of an EU member state. Users can check if they are eligible by naturalisation or if they have enough reasonable residence to apply for citizenship. Therefore, any British national acquiring a dual citizenship after Brexit will not lose their British citizenship. Irish Dual citizenship allows you to maintain citizenship in your country of origin and also have access to an Irish passport. You will automatically have Irish citizenship if either of your parents were born in Ireland, regardless of where you were born. It can take up to six months for a straightforward application to be processed. This includes those who have a parent who is an Irish citizen or even a grandparent who was born in Ireland. You may be an Irish citizen based on when and where you, your parents, your grandparents or your great-grandparents were born, or for how long your parents have lived in Ireland. Ireland, © Copyright 2021 - An Roinn Dlí agus Cirt | Department Of Justice | All Rights Reserved, Become an Irish Citizen by Naturalisation, Applications based on Irish Descent or Irish Associations, Family Reunification of Intl. Contact Us. Instruct our dedicated lawyers to complete your application and submit it to the Irish Embassy. The 1956 act allowed citizenship by descent for persons who were born outside of Ireland, but descend from Irish citizens. The application is fairly simple and does not require a physical presence. Dual citizenship occurs when a person becomes a citizen of more than one country, either through birth, ancestry or naturalization. The United States possesses more stringent rules for becoming a … Proof that they are an Irish citizen is also necessary (by providing their passport/drivers licence etc.). Most Irish citizens gain their citizenship this way. Irish citizens may also be citizens of another country. ), Four passport-sized photographs of you – a professional witness who knows you personally must sign two of your passport photos as a form of verification. Basically, dual citizenship from Ireland has some pretty unique benefits. We will also provide a Letter of Representation when submitting your application, highlighting its merits and why it ought to be approved. The conditions of applying for dual citizenship by naturalisation through marriage are: This is in addition to meeting the standard requirements for those applying for Irish citizenship by naturalisation. This requires documenting the applicant’s descent from either an Irish-born grandparent or from a parent who is an Irish citizen. If you were born outside of Ireland but have acquired dual Irish citizenship, your child is entitled to become an Irish citizen even if they were also born outside of the State. © 2021 Digital Alchemy Marketing Digital Alchemy provide specialist marketing services. The United States permits its citizens to hold citizenship with a second nationality without giving up rights to their American citizenship. To have the right to access public medical care and high quality education, as available to EU citizens. Trust us to make everything simpler and clearer for you. If a person is independently wealthy (an American), can they bypass the length of time needed residing in Ireland, to get their citizenship. It is important to double check whether your country permits dual citizenship before seeking to acquire one. It is your responsibility to provide documents which prove that you were in Ireland for each year that you claim to have resided here. Dual citizenship, or multiple citizenship, is when a single person is legally recognized as a citizen of two or more countries at the same time. Bank statements showing direct debits for utility bills etc. However, the law in some countries may require you to renounce your Irish citizenship before you can become a citizen there. Start your personalised immigration advice session to receive the answers and information you need. You must have been legally resident in Ireland for at least 3 of the previous 5 years, including one year of continuous residency immediately prior to applying for naturalisation. We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments or via the phone. What Service Do You Require? You can apply for an Irish passport without making an application for citizenship. Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. As such, you can have Irish dual citizenship, provided that your country of nationality also accepts dual citizenships. Extended previous ancestry is irrelevant – only your parents or grandparents and their Irish citizenship status will allow you to qualify. Either one parent or an Irish-born grandparent must have had Irish citizenship at the time of your birth for you to be eligible to acquire dual citizenship. Comprehensive immigration advice tailored to your circumstances and goals.

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