According to Loewenberg, nothing in a dream is ever random, meaning that the species of snake that appears in your dream is significant. Seeing a dead snake in your dream, that you didn’t kill, signifies good luck on your horizon. Dream About Eating Alligator or Crocodile. This dream signifies the whole…, I dreamt about offering palm wine to my boyfriend, Dear Reader, Dream about trying to pull a blue snake out of your ear is an indication for questions, perception…, Dear Ana, Dream about not being able to shut off a stove that was left on is a message for…, Dear Graham, Dream about someone asking you to bring your own toothpaste is an indication for warmth, people and understanding.…, I had a dream that I smelled gas. It is even more dangerous when a snake is living with you in your house. Alligator Dream Interpretation. It has been argued that the crocodile … When you consume the beat of alligator or crocodile in the dream, it reflects the healing powers and qualities that they possess. Joined: Mar 17, 2009 Messages: 1,436 Ratings: +212 Religion: Cultural Catholic. This made you feel extremely happy and in control of your destiny that you now can’t help but feel great about life. Other people may dream of snake bite and their spiritual effects could manifest in the form of sluggishness, lack of focus and fear to take risk. These threats bring us closer to our own behaviour or the others around us. These snakes represent the subconscious: The Biblical meaning of green snakes in dreams can relate to your subconscious fears and anxieties, which are presenting themselves to you as snakes in your dream. Discussion in 'New Age DIR' started by EverChanging, Mar 27, 2009. They captured a snake fighting for its life, trying to escape the jaws of a ferocious alligator. Dreaming of seeing an alligator; The appearance of an alligator in your dream means that you have an enemy that poses as your friend. Those angry feelings are eating away at you and making your normal life difficult. To dream of an alligator and a snake fighting, or an alligator eating a snake, represents a deep internal struggle you are having with your primal fears and spiritual awakening. You have missed your chance. A couple of photographers shot a dramatic reptilian showdown in Florida over the weekend. Communication has been fouled up during the past three weeks, but this is ending now. Perhaps you feel someone is giving you the runaround. Your dream points at underdeveloped emotions. You need to get a better handle on your life situation. You are neglecting the performer within yourself. Eating Snakes in Dreams. Dream about eaten by crocodile represents an end to your worries, to a relationship or and to a chapter in your life. Some people also think that an alligator in your dream shows a potential danger. Not everyone in your life is what you think they are. The meaning of the dream crocodile depends on what action the crocodile is taking in your dream and/or how you are interacting with the crocodile. You are too rigid in your thinking. Dreaming of a snake devouring another snake. I dreamed I was eating cooked alligator meat. There is some life lesson or moral that you need to learn or recognize. You excel at your favorite pastime; that of meeting and cooperating with others. You need to find out what is it that you really hate. You have difficulty relating to the world around you. normal frig. . You still have some unfinished work to deal with. People respond very easily to your natural charm and grace. A 13 foot python has exploded after swallowing an alligator whole. You are unfortunate. This dream is a sign for male aggression and masculinity. If you saw a poisonous cobra, dream interpretation believes that you change your opinion of a familiar person for the better, and he will help you to get rich.. Here are the 5 spiritual meaning of having dreams about snakes, based on scripture: Someone Has Taken Advantage of You. If you see a dead green snake in your dream: This is a lucky sign. Dream about snake eating crocodile is sadly an admonition for temporary setbacks toward achieving your goals.

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