0000002112 00000 n Winibo ZA0350 Marine Hydraulic Outboard Steering Kit for Boat with Helm Pump, Compact Cylinder, Tubing (Others) 4.0 out of 5 stars 14 Dometic SeaStar Pro Outboard Hose Kit, HO5724, Kevlar Reinforced, 24ft. 0000036683 00000 n Hydraulic Steering Manuals; Jackplate Installation Manuals and 3D Files; Mechanical Steering Manuals; Technical Support. 365, Low Permeation Marine Fuel Hose – Series No. Parts of a Hydraulic System. System selection, installation and service is substantially simplified with just three major components – helm, cylinder and tube or hose. 0000001976 00000 n 0000003269 00000 n 0000013891 00000 n Flexibility of installation makes it the perfect helm pump for many applications and boat types. 720, Flame Retardant Split Wire Conduit – Series No. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Helms: The Syten helm pump should be replaced with the current model SeaStar Helm Pump HH5271 and Back mount kit HA5418. 0000025878 00000 n Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about SeaStar Solutions Hydraulic Steering Kits at the official West Marine online store. BayStar super low friction hydraulic helm for smooth, comfortable steering. Hydraulic Steering Have full confidence when you take the helm, with knowledge that you have complete control of your vessel. 350, Fire – Acol Fuel Vent Hose – Series No. 0000064343 00000 n 5 Built-in lock valve for positive rudder lock. a) Used to retrofit a new Seastar standard helm in the old 4.5" (115mm) diameter hole. 460, Vinylvent – Extra Heavy Duty – Series No. 600, Adapter – Male Pipe To SAE 45° Flare 90° – Series No. SeaStar hydraulic steering is a total commitment to quality, performance and simplicity. 0000056769 00000 n c) or retrofit new Seastar standard helm into hole cutouts for mechanical and hydraulic steering as per chart. 206 0 obj <> endobj xref 206 40 0000000016 00000 n Syten Hydraulic Steering (Obsolete). 2 Ball bearing piston race. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. 0000018040 00000 n SeaStar Pro Sport Front Mount 2.0 in³ Hydraulic Tilt Helm by SeaStar Solutions®. Selecting the System Replacing or upgrading from a Syten inboard steering system to SeaStar Components. Unmatched comfort and control only with SeaStar Steering. 337, Speedometer Pitot Tubing – Series No. The SeaStar helm pump is the heart of the hydraulic steering system. Internally located in the steering sender are two pilot check valve asresblier. 0000033378 00000 n Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about SeaStar Solutions Hydraulic Steering Parts at the official West Marine online store. 0000004227 00000 n 0000012669 00000 n $538.00 $ 538. 202, Shieldsflex II Marine Water/Exhaust Hose (w/wire) – Series No. 262, Nautiflex Silicone Exhaust Hose – Blue – Series No. 202, Shieldsflex II Marine Water / Exhaust Hose (w/wire) – Series No. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Parts are easy to find, and the two year warranty is a great added bonus. Copyright SeaStar Solutions® // a P10 website 0000002822 00000 n The SeaStar HH5271-3 Front Mount 1.7 Hydraulic Helm offers smooth, efficient No Feedback Steering for single and multi-outboard engines up to 350 HP (700 HP combined for counter rotating twins) for speeds up to 60 MPH. 351, Fire – Acol 15 – Low Permeation Fuel Hose – Series No. ��c�I��`��E�v�wY�q_�4�k��v��S���! 1 Helm rotor supported by three roller bearings. 130 – #1300, Water Hose Heavy Duty – Series No. SeaStar Standard Hydraulic Steering Helm. 0000042102 00000 n 0000009101 00000 n BayStar & SeaStar, the hydraulic steering systems are; Easy to install… • Only four essential components; helm, cylinder, tube/hose and SeaStar steering luid • Compact and attractive helm design • Variety of helm mounting conigurations Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! Heavy Duty helms combine one or two bi-directional axial piston pumps with pilot check and make-up check valving. Cutting 7 Internal air pocket eliminates oil expansion over flow. Rotating the ship's wheel move6 seven small Pistons in a rhythmic, but controlled. FREE Shipping. 00. 168, Reinforced PVC / Heavy Duty with White Tracer – Series No. 220/221, Marine Exhaust/Water Hose (No Wire) – Series No. Controls and Cables, Mechanical Steering; Engine and Drive Parts, Instrumentation, Hose and Switches; Hydraulic Steering; Volumes and Capacities – Hydraulic Steering; Warranty. 0000050030 00000 n Hydraulic steering can be found on a wide variety of boats types and lengths. 0000059363 00000 n 0000003430 00000 n 0000014227 00000 n Hydraulic Fluid Fill Plugs for SeaStar Helms HYDRAULIC STEERING Due to recent upgrades in our steering system components, SeaStar Solutions %PDF-1.5 %���� The SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System is designed to provide that extra margin of muscle when needed and easily handles Outboard, Sterndrive and Inboard engines in boats up to 50 feet. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. • THIS NON-VENT PLUG IS SUPPLIED WITH ADDITIONAL STATION FITTING KIT NO. Figure 37. WARNING SEVEN POINT ONE ISO 9001 CAUTION If a 20° mounting wedge is used, cut out dash as per mounting wedge template and mount helm 0000002297 00000 n 0000002425 00000 n The HA5430H SeaStar Fluid is used in boat hydraulic steering Some parts of the helm may incur a fee or may not be replaced (i.e. SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System Single Engine Application Guide HC5345-3. DO NOT use SeaStar PRO helms with ANY unbalanced steering cylinder. 0000002254 00000 n 0000001096 00000 n o�kA`&������J �)�Li[�Q�L��;��=�,-[����[ 8j��l�=cA�ܺ)@3P?a�O���M����d�%�L�V��Ӧ�>ϟ8��$-����=##�/��L*���`��:V��&K�X9w Kc���������W�o�΍>��ep�� R�n$�6���Q\�1�|'�U����EN�Br endstream endobj 207 0 obj<. 3 Field replaceable shaft seal. 146, Exhaust Hose Clamps T-bolt Band Clamp – Series No. 0000022006 00000 n 800/801/802/803/806, Reinforced PVC – All Clear with Red Tracer – Series No. HF5501 AND HF5502. 0000005014 00000 n 331, Silverado 4000 Fuel Line – Series No. SeaStar helm pumps are the product of many years of research and experience by the world’s foremost builder of manual hydraulic steering systems. $14.90 shipping. When it comes to price, performance, and reliability, SeaStar Solutions is tough to beat. 0000012161 00000 n Teleflex cannot accept responsibility for installations where Throughout this publication, Warnings and Cautions (accompanied by the Hydraulic Steering Systems. 146, Vac Extra Heavy Duty / FDA – Series No. This is so long as the helm unit is installed in the more standardized front-mount configuration, or if it is installed with a back … 148, SeaStar Steering Cylinders – Volumes and Capacities, BayStar Helm Pumps – Volumes and Capacities, BayStar Steering Cylinders – Volumes and Capacities, Capilano Helm Pumps – Volumes and Capacities, Capilano Steering Cylinders – Volumes and Capacities, Hynautic Helm Pumps – Volumes and Capacities, Hynautic Steering Cylinders – Volumes and Capacities, SeaStar Solutions The Capilano helms are the smoothest and most efficient hydraulic steering systems available. Superior design, teamed with the finest materials, precision manufacturing and rigid quality control all add up to an outstanding product which is certain to set industry standards for years to come. Dometic SeaStar 1.7 Helm, HH5217-3, Front Mount Commercial. As part of the steering system, the helm is made of two components- a hydraulic pump and a valve system to pump steering fluid through the hydraulic lines. 254, Marine Exhaust / Water Hose (No Wire) – Series No. 0000005537 00000 n 368, Silverado 3000 Outboard Fuel Line – Series No. 601, Sanitation Hose Fittings – Series No. 135 – #1350, Adapter – Male Pipe To SAE 45° Flare – Series No. %]4Vd�Y�o����Y�V�GQ��+�����7T���k� k-����G3��"�gC?�)BGxx-��8͎���:�S�Xr0r�vO�z?�Y���_A��{С��*y�>.���-�V�heMZMn(t��ɜ�\��c�d�6�[��+�}�h�%��+d�o�ϑو ION���u}�5� b0�� ���:�q��E���-�����n����;S{i��X@A���(:�9T+�%�PU���Z�XF�D��R�we~�,����,M7�l�l���������s�ވ�bB5\��#���o��=b>�|�pX�d���c���B(U �ϼ��ݹj.�y�r?���W�;Ζ��L@�«���G�2s������fU����,4cK �f��rI�Ö�Ӆ��Mvm�xM黊��l�}������&��g�z���oF�� 250, Water / Heater Hose – Series No. To purge the hydraulic steering, you’ll be putting hydraulic fluid into one end of … b) or reduce the helm protrusion from the dash by the thickness of the dash. 0000005690 00000 n 200, Nautiflex Silicone Exhaust Hose – Blue Series No. Dometic SeaStar’s hydraulic steering systems, with options for most applications, ensure you will always have a comfortable boating experience. 164, Vac Hose Extra Heavy Duty / FDA – Series No. 0000005614 00000 n This should be done at each helm station. • SeaStar helms • SeaStar Cylinders • SeaStar hoses • SeaStar Oil Substituting non SeaStar parts in any part of the SeaStar hydraulic steering system, may seriously compromise system performance. 151, Exoflex Marine Hose – Blue/Black – Series No. 99 0000013855 00000 n The 1350 helm is a fixed displacement pump. Preparation. Description: Seastar Solutions inside Seastar Hydraulic Steering Parts Diagram, image size 683 X 288 px, and to view image details please click the image.. Woqi ZA0350 Hydraulic Outboard Steering Kit with Helm Pump, Compact Cylinder, Tubing 4.1 out of 5 stars 16 Amarine Made Stainless Steel Boat Steering Wheel 3 Spoke 13-1/2" Dia, with 5/8" -18 Nut and Turning Knob for Seastar and Verado A unique variable displacement feature on the 1250V and 1275V helms allows the helms-person to adjust the amount of steering wheel turns to their preference within a predetermined range. 0000002615 00000 n UPC #: 731957818515 168, Vac Extra Heavy Duty / Commercial – Series No. 6 Patented bleed tubes. 0000013455 00000 n BayStar hydraulic steering is brought to you by the manufacturers of SeaStar, the most trusted name in pleasure boat steering. roll cage, shaft) Techs with 30+ years of experience 0000004596 00000 n '�׵ 0��P�j� w�%��wSz+���NG�H �>-"��1kp�T����W���pH�[�����$��(�E��#��� SeaStar HH6191-3 Sport Tilt 1.7 Marine Helm Pump - Remote fill (Replaces HH6191 - Updated ORB fittings)The ultimate tilt steering marine hydraulic helm pump HH61913. Teleflex Marine HH5272 Seastar 2 Hydraulic Steering Helm Pump(Old 5202)-$733.72 $ 733. Seastar solutions inside seastar hydraulic steering parts diagram image size 683 x 288 px and to view image details please click the image. Hydraulic Steering Selector. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! There are two basic hydraulic steering parts: the helm and the … pattern. Here is a picture gallery about seastar hydraulic steering parts diagram complete with the description of the image, please find the image you need. Hydraulic steering is a must to handle high-speed boats with high-torque engines. Boat Hydraulic Steering Helm Leaks. 162, Reinforced PVC – Clear White with Blue Tracer – Series No. 420, Vac Extra Heavy Duty/Commercial Grade – Series No. 0000052247 00000 n 128, 45° Silicone Exhaust Connectors – Series 245S, 90° Silicone Exhaust Connectors — Series 290S, Hump Hose Connector EPDM – Series No. The steering station assembly Includes a hydraulic pump and pilot check valve assembly. 200, Nautiflex Corrugated Silicone Exhaust Hose – Blue – Series No. Camoo Hydraulic Steering Support Bracket Puller Fits for Seastar & HS5157 Front Mount Steering Cylinder Seal Kit Fit for HC53xx, HC67xx Cylinders 4.1 out of 5 stars 30 $97.99 $ 97 . If you are searching for the best front mount hydraulic outboard steering cylinder, then the SeaStar HC5345 if your best bet. SeaStar offers rugged 3-line Hynautic Heavy Duty steering systems for most work and pleasure vessels up to 70 feet. 8 Integral relief valve. trailer <<1a96b286c59311da8dfa000d932ec2ea>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 210 0 obj<>stream 148, Fire – Alcohol Fuel Fill Hose – Series No. Before proceeding with the installation, read these instructions thoroughly. Our efforts have resulted in a design which represents the ultimate in efficiency, safety and reliability, yet is easy to install and maintain. 160 – #1600, Reinforced PVC Tubing – Heavy Duty Polyester – Series No. It enables optimal yet safe performance. 4 5 ORB ports. Entries (RSS), Engine Control Cables – International Only, 700 TS / TST / TSL / TSLT – International, CH2800P / CH2850P Side Mount – International, Xtreme Series – Center Console Mount Control, Optimus EPS – 3000 Series Inboard & Sterndrive Under 40’, Optimus EPS – 5000 Series Inboard 40’-100’, SeaStar Tournament Series Cylinder and Adjustable Tie Bar, Air Conditioner Ducting Hose – Series No. SeaStar parts only! SeaStar/SeaStar PRO Steering Hoses CANNOT be cut. 250, Bus Bars, Fuses, Fuse Blocks, and Holders, Important Notices – Hydraulic and Optimus Steering, Jackplate Installation Manuals and 3D Files, Engine and Drive Parts, Instrumentation, Hose and Switches, Volumes and Capacities – Hydraulic Steering, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, 7200-7210 Display (Displays No Longer Available), Vac Extra Heavy Duty/FDA – Series No. 0000047361 00000 n SeaStar helm pumps are the product of many years of research and experience by the world’s foremost builder of manual hydraulic steering systems. UPPERMOST HELM PUMP ON MULTI STEERING STATION SYSTEMS. 72. 0000056116 00000 n ALL HELMS 6-1/16" (155 mm) SEASTAR/BAYSTAR PLUS HELMS 4-7/16" (113 mm) BAYSTAR HELMS 4-5/8" (118 mm DO NOT use ANY SeaStar PRO helm pump with “unbalanced” steering cylinder as a steering lock up WILL result. Sea star hydraulic steering parts sea star power steering parts hit a rock or log and damaged propanything other damage i should or even in this image theyre showing the typical spacerline cutter. Use of a PRO helm with an unbalanced cylinder will lead to a lock up of the steering wheel preventing further steering control, resulting in collision with an obstacle causing property damage, personal injury and/or death. 369, Fire – Acol – “C” Fuel Fill Hose – Series No. Hydraulic steering systems consist of a steering wheel, helm pump, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinder with application-specific hardware that connects the cylinder to the boat's stern drive, outboard and inboard engines. If your SeaStar helm begins to leak hydraulic steering fluid from the front seal of the boat’s steering-wheel shaft, then you likely will be able to quickly and easily repair it without removing the entire helm. 148, Silicone Hump Exhaust Connectors – Series 220S, Water / Heater Hose – Series No. There pistons, in turn, pump hydraulic fluid to the steering cylinder. 0000029629 00000 n 0000056532 00000 n 0000059100 00000 n The SeaStar helm pump is the heart of the hydraulic steering system. More Buying Choices $526.65 (13 new offers) They have been designed for normal pleasure and commercial boat use where standard rigging arrangements are used.

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