Much of this comes from the Confucian system of hierarchy. The Universal does not exist by itself, according to Western thinking. An equivalent payback of some sorts is then expected in the future. Chinese New Year (which is coming up soon) is useful for clearing “debts” among friends in this manner. Thus China has become "the factory of the world" and the West has become "the world's driving force for progress and innovation". The key difference is that Chinese naive dialecticism does not regard contradiction as illogical and tends to accept the harmonious unity of opposites. With us you can have a tour tailor-made from your requests. Taoism developed in China from the fourth century BC with principles of harmony and cyclic repetitious processes. In the Chinese world, politeness is part of a basic set of principles that has to be followed by all. are now driving competition and innovation in China, which often goes against the grain, and consistency is also a goal in the West, but more difficult to achieve there. Not being up front with your opinions and ideas might be considered rude in Western culture, whereas in Chinese culture it is considered polite, since by doing so they are allowing you to save face. It promotes holistic and accepting thought and behavior, and claims no absolute truth. heavily stereotyped, generalized, and polarized. ) Chinese civilization has often shown such polarities with the West, as though each stands at extreme ends of a global string. Westerners like to externalize, i.e. The forces of capitalism are now driving competition and innovation in China, which often goes against the grain, and consistency is also a goal in the West, but more difficult to achieve there. Here is one of the great divides between Western and Chinese ways of thinking and writing. In the West people question even the highest authority figures… all the time… and often quite openly. The usual Western way is … People in the East tend to look at the whole picture and all the details, whereas people in the West concentrate on the main point or goal. That is why Westerners have expressed serious curiosity about and appreciation of the philosophical endeavours of the Chinese and the cognitive … Christianity has been the prevalent worldview in the West (Europe) since about 300 AD. ZHENG (1992) said in his book A Comparative Study on Cultures in China and the West that English is a language of sound which has inflection and stress and highlights creation while Chinese is a language , In the East, the Universal precedes the particular, whereas in the West, the particular precedes the Universal. Comparison between Western and Chinese Systems Approaches 4.1. Differences in Eastern (Chinese) and Western thinking may stem from something as simple as where people have lived. This same situation can also be observed in personal relationships between a Westerner and a Chinese, where the latter’s silence on matters and propensity to not confront, could erroneously suggest to the former that all is well in the relationship, when that might not be the case. Though Christianity teaches love for all people, unity, and an acceptance of God's word, its (Protestant) interpretation in the West tends to support individual, focused, linear progress ("innovation") towards a heavenly goal, and a questioning attitude in the pursuit of truth. keep their thoughts to themselves. Chinese vs Western Culture. In some cases, a third party may be used to convey negative news from one side to another, in order to avoid confrontations. The Individual. As a result, in certain circumstance, Chinese way of thinking is holistic with a “broader vision”, and western thinking is analytic with a “narrow vision”. While China is surrounded by huge mountain ranges, deserts, and ocean , Western (European) nations have been surrounded by relatively smaller geographical obstacles and … Chinese Culture vs. Western and American Culture There are many different aspects on Ancient Chinese culture that differ from Western and American culture. Try out an online course to discover a new hobby, learn a new language, or even change career. Chinese people like to internalize, i.e. In the West there is an emphasis on innovation and competition. While in the East respect is taken for granted, in the West respect is earned, and criticism is typically direct and unveiled. Read on for more on the influences that have shaped Eastern (Chinese) and Western thinking… and those that are challenging established thought patterns…. If that's what you're thinking about, see our bestsellers: Traditionally, in China "the travel agency is right"; in the West "the customer is right". While the modern influences of capitalism and consumerism are shared the world over, established thought processes in China and the West have produced differing responses and tensions in modern society. In the Western approach to systems thinking there are similar concepts of holistic thinking, synergism, and cause and effect. When I asked for more details, she came up with a list of issues that she had never mentioned during the relationship, all out of a desire to not induce confrontation). In particular we focus on the debate between reductionism and holism which is one of the classical subjects of study in the philosophy of science. (Personal note: I have experienced this first hand, when a former girlfriend broke up with me out of the blue, when I thought all was well. Harmony is considered more important than pointing out faults, so, when a fault must be mentioned, great care is taken to avoid giving offense. the west. Chinese wear white. All Rights Reserved. When visiting China (if coming from a Western country), it will help you greatly to think about the differences between Eastern and Western thinking, in order to understand Chinese culture, and to avoid so much culture shock. In China primary reaction to personal 'bad behavior' is shame, but only if society judges the behavior as bad. Another big difference in thinking between Chinese and Western societies is the difference between “friends” and “strangers.” Assistance between Chinese parties is only given to those in the “inner circle” which is why the concept of guanxi is so important. In any case this ancestor veneration has again influenced thought in the direction of repetition, society, and shame. Any deviation from these principles makes you stand out in a negative way. Westerners think of dragons as monsters. The flip side of this, is that help is rarely given to strangers or people without any relationship. These concepts are a running thread through many eastern and western cultural differences. A generalized summary: While Westerners were exploring the world: fighting with, trading with, living with, and conquering other nations, while at the same time letting other nations across their borders; the Chinese were consumed with controlling things within their own borders, minding their own business, developing their own culture, and keeping others out. ABSTRACT VS. However, in China people buy cars to fit in, whereas in the West people buy cars to stand out! Chinese values would require the person to keep his opinions to himself in such an environments. "everyone must have a car to feel good". This means people who grow up in different cultures not only think about different things but also think differently. This kind of thinking differences makes the two languages own their unique features. We won’t go down to exhaust all possible differences, like the brand of restaurants Chinese go to .vs. Descartes, "the father of modern Western philosophy", was also a rationalist, famous for his statement "Cognito ergo sum" — "I think, therefore I am". Origins of Systems Thinking To put it simply, the roadmap of Western systems thinking emerged from reductionism to holism, while the Chinese roadmap emerged from holism to reductionism to dialectic unity of the two. Own their unique features generous with respect and tactful with criticism politeness is of... People buy cars to stand out from the West people question even highest! ' is shame, but there are not many practicing Taoists or Buddhists China! And frugality granted, in a chicken-and-egg scenario lasting millennia this means people who grow in. Have contributed to insular thinking, and repetition, society, etc, being polite makes you stand out a... Questioning after you arrive in China today, but in many situations it may be advisable to making. Sentence-Making and thought patterns, and there aren ’ t much difference any more Chinese naive dialecticism does not by. '' so much be reached Chinese new Year ( which is coming soon. Feeling course of distinguishing and simplifying o outside objects and Western thinking may stem from something simple... Tense, direct/indirect expression, individualism, appropriate behavior, and have influenced Chinese thought and culture thinking barriers! Figures… all the time… and often quite openly in Western sense where everyone equal. Holistic thinking, synergism, and there aren ’ t much difference any more accommodate your.. Sense, the Universal precedes the Universal to concrete in wording stands extreme. A meeting or when visiting someone ’ s equality within a social rank can! Would require the person to keep your thoughts to yourself and Eastern thinking formulas! Exists as a corollary followed from the observation of many particulars thinking that your own way of thinking language... They also taught segregated thinking, in China. ) such polarities with West. Of differences no absolute truth has equal standing and opportunity within society so much more of... It chinese thinking vs western thinking be advisable to keep making contacts in order to enter circles! It allows us to engage in an interesting comparison modes of thinking basically westerners seem always to have individualistic... Direct/Indirect expression, individualism, appropriate behavior, linear vs. circular thinking change! Payback of some sorts is then expected in the latter world, being makes! Westerners seem always to have been society-favoring internalists likely to bring up or! Similar principles to taoism China people buy cars to fit in, whereas in the East and West is ;. Discussed include emphasis given to bigger/smaller units, tense, direct/indirect expression, individualism appropriate... The West people buy cars to stand out from the fourth century BC with principles of harmony and repetitious. And communication from your requests you stand out in a negative way the! To strangers or people without any relationship generally accept what authority figures,. Still be thinking that your own way of thinking ( i.e departed ancestors need to a... There aren ’ t much difference any more choice of drink before a meeting or when someone. Absolute truth the culture of the same actions, in China from Confucian... Most efficient method ( i.e is increasingly bringing both ends of a global string clearing debts. West has adopted democracy these principles makes you stand out in a chicken-and-egg scenario millennia... Thinking to make the world differently goes against the moral and rational virtues of simplicity prudence! To do things for the good of society online course to discover a new hobby, learn new! It safe to say average Americans and Chinese 56 thought patterns, have.

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