When you remove them, be very careful because the stems easily break. And, water even less frequently in winter. We have much to talk about regarding succulents here! -I have left the end to dry when they were first cut off. Hope the helps! your own Pins on Pinterest For more details about th… Leaves are regular size on stems that grow less than one inch a year. Blue Pearl Cafe Sam 2020-10-20T18:28:56+00:00. I have mine hanging in the kitchen (it loves the humidity) and the aroma of the flowers is so intense when you enter the room that it stops you dead in your tracks. God Bless, ellen, Hi Ellen – Rosary Vine or String of Hearts is another plant & not this Senecio. in a wide range of colours, in Spring and early Summer. I have looked all over for these beauties and my brother found them in Texas. I’m so sorry to hear about your home – I just can’t imagine loosing everything. Planting Bulbs in Fall: Because your hyacinth bulbs will probably be left where you plant them for several years, good soil preparation is highly desirable. Pothos plants are known for their ease of care and durability. Hopefully from the tips in this post, as well as the posts above will help you ensure the long and happy life of your succulents! I’m having success propagating by stem cuttings, but what I’m wondering about it propagating by leaf. I asked for them at the nursery and they gave me a blank look. Thank you so much , Thank you – we’ll be launching our new website in a few weeks so be sure to come back & visit our site! I’ve potted them in tc pots with smoother edges & also in hanging grow pots with a “sharper” edges. Suggested uses. hI i’m Sally, I have ben looking all over for this plant, please let me know where I can find one? I am hooked and hopefully they will make it to next Spring when I can take them out with my other whole herd of other plants. The S O P plant turned dark at the soil and began to die off it appeared..yet the ends of the strings stayed green. You can propagate them from the individual pearls although it’s a much slower way to do it. Yes Fran, the flowers are small but the scent is delightful. This moderate grower attains a height of about 6″ inches and a spread of 18″ to 20″ inches. Its now Jan. What to do!??? There are 2 reasons why people can have problems with SOP indoors – watering too frequently & not enough light. I have a large kitchen window that warms nicely and gets lots of sun . Tanks for sharing! Mine do fine but they’re currently growing outdoors. I live New York .I have grown String of Pearls as a house plant for years. I’ve never seen a blue variety or heard that it exists. Hi there! If you’re watering every 4 days, that’s likely the cause. Then, late last Fall, my neighbor cut down another large pine tree which filtered out some of the […], […] Photo Credit:Found onJoy US garden […], […] How I take care of & propagate my String Of Pearls outdoors […], […] I’m going to share with you how easy it is to propagate and care for these fascinating succulents. I meant that they’re insignificant in terms of size & color. Honestly, I’ve never grown plants in artificial light so I can’t answer that. Any help from a Florida friend or some expert advice would be awesome. , Hi Kay – Sure thing. Large, contrasting hot pink flowers clusters dance above the foliage in late summer. The flowers and the plant generally do not have any fragrance. These are estimated prices. I know this is an older post.. At other times of year that exposure will be okay but not in summer. So sweet! When searching for string of pearls propogation I found your youtube video. Nell, Oceanside, CA For years I have purchased the string of pearls plant. Hah! Hi Lila – I so glad to hear that! Since then it has had difficulty draining the soil completely and some strands have rotted. Discover (and save!) The main claim to fame is its foliage colour which is a unique and striking dark midnight blue with a matt powdery leaf coating on new leaves (just like 'karfunkelstein' but blue pearl has better colour). Did they freeze coming through cold country? I see that you have your pearls in a large planter (with no holes) I just bought mine about 3 weeks ago and have them in a planter as well with 1 part cactus soil mixed with 1 part sand .. I found a source for string-of-pearls on eBay and my strands are growing beautifully, happy in a wall vase on our covered porch. Because of this, the soil needs to drain really well. Your pearls are Awesome ! SOPs are succulents which store water in their leaves & stems & especially in the winter, then need even less water. I envy your climate but I’ve developed a new passion with succulents. I’m glad you’re enjoying my site, & stay tuned, because I have a lot of videos & posts planned for next year. However, they certainly do resemble rosary beads! 'Blue Pearl' _ 'Blue Pearl' is an erect, clump-forming, deciduous, bulbous perennial with narrow, strap-like, grey-green leaves and, in late spring and early summer, sturdy stems bearing veined, dark blue flowers, marked bright yellow at the base of the falls. As I told another reader with your same view, mine all grow outdoors & flower in winter so the fragrance isn’t all that pronounced in the cooler weather. I’ve noticed that the pearls at the ends of the strings are more teardrop shaped than pearl. It’s nice that your String Of Pearls has had longevity. Too sharp of an edge, and the weight of long strings will cause the strings to break or get pinched, preventing the water from getting from the roots to the strings. I have been very unlucky with this plant though… I thought I was supposed to plant the Beads (seeds I thought) so I was never successful at propagating it and would end up with a plant with a few strings, and try to water it whenever I could till it kinda just rotted. Howdy from Germany, I have my string of pearls in my kitchen on a shelf with partial light, it grows fairly slow and the pearls are actually flat not round . The soil area is all brown now. Hi Jackie – Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned! I’ve found that SOP like a wee bit more water than other succulents but they don’t like to be kept wet. Yes, you stick the end that was attached to the stem in the soil. I live in Las Vegas,Nev. I do love them so much. Also, a big Bradford pear is growing right in front of them…so I pretty much have no natural light. Give it the right care and you will be showered in pearls. But when they came, he said they immediately started turning black by the soil and then all of it died. How to Care for a String of Pearls Plant. Nell. It can even be grown outdoors. Nell, Hi Nell!! No, the pearls will not recover from sunburn. Yes, please check back, lots of vlogs coming your way! I moved my clippings outside and they turned a darker green or greyish-green color and changed from plump and round to thin more oblong shape. My ‘Blue Chalksticks’ ( senecio mandaraliscae) came upon numerous searches. It’s hard to tell if it’s dry without sticking your finger all the way down. I ordered a few succlent leafs online to propogate, and for the pearls all I received was three pearls!! You can use it as compost or make a tea out of it. When I propagate the leaves of succulents, I lightly spray the soil twice a week. Sounds like your mother plant is going strong. I bought mine from Home Depot so they should be easy to find. I purchased my very first String of Pearls a few weeks ago for a steep price. Also called rosary string of beads or string of pearls plant, this creeping succulent is an odd looking plant that many people enjoy adding to their indoor gardens. By the way, they do flower but the small white, fuzzy blooms are pretty insignificant when it comes to size. Cultivation. Just know that SOP can burn in a matter of an hour. Strong stems hold enticing clusters of bright pink flowers in late summer through fall. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, « A Flower Show With Peter Rabbit And Friends. Also, you might need to water your SOP more often here where it’s warmer. Award-winner of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit in 1993, it displays luminous, soft blue flowers on the outside with a bronzy yellow base and a deep yellow throat. They are still green and are not shrivelling up or changing in any way that I can tell, but nothing else is happening either! Fingers crossed! It forms a low, compact mound of fleshy, intense blue, non-fading leaves, bearing large clusters of bright pink flowers late summer through fall. Make sure you have the end which came off the plant touching or lightly pressed into the soil. The best time to plant sedum is in the spring—after the threat of frost but before the heat of summer kicks in. In fact, succulents can be a really low maintenance plant that looks great year round! FYI, if it were me, I’d do choice #2. two days ago I bought one of these beautiful String Of Pearls, but unfortunately, in my appartment (and specially in the place that i actually want to hang this flower) there is no light!! This pot is filled with a good organic potting soil and regularly top-dressed with both compost and worm compost so no soil prep is necessary here. Hope that helps, Nell. Over the past year I’ve moved twice so I left my string of pearls in the care of family. But while at the checkout realised it wasn’t looking so healthy on top, got a discount and now trying to work out how to salvage the little thing. I’ve had my String of Pearls indoor in Seattle for a few years, it has grown faster in the summer but been happy year round with direct morning light and indirect light in the hottest points of the day. Located in Ft. Bragg, CA. Oh, NO, not so!! Thank you Angie! Thanks for sharing that your SOP has done well indoors as mine grow outdoors. I thought I had heard a mention of it and now can’t find it anywhere on how to do that. Thanks! String of Pearls is a succulent that takes a little more water than most because those stems are so skinny & don’t store a lot of water. I would hold off on the repotting until they start to recover. I’ve done a post & video on that which you can see here. If cutting them is best do I remove the roots? Pictured with Crassula capitella 'Campfire' . String of Pearls Care. So, I think the key is LOTS of indirect light! help!! The flashy pink summer blooms are sure to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden! A shorter, yet upright Stonecrop. If the “pearls” are looking dry & shriveled a bit, then it dried out. I have a few SOP cuttings which I’ll be planting up in the next week or so. Step 1 Check the soil. Baby’s Tears plants, which originally came from Corsica and Sardinia, have tiny round or bean- … Hi Swapna – Not that I know of. I have pruned the dead bits away and trying to be patient and letting the soil dry out. -they are in succulent soil I just hope through winter they can make it. Those bog blooms are gorgeous! It was not a large plant but had plenty of 4-6 in strings. I love SOP & am just about to repot mine next week – they’re such a fun plant to have. They were either not packed correctly or kept too wet … or a combo of both. Sedum Blue Pearl was developed by plant breeder, Chris Hansen. Nell. I’m living in a tiny apartment in Nashville TN with two small north facing windows. I love succulents, but I have had a difficult time with them and finding where they like to live. The “strings” that hang down are pretty healthy, but there’s a clump at the “top” of my pot that are short and have dried up. I had never grown plants in my life and when I bought my first home years ago, I decided to go to a nursery to choose some plants. The 1 that you just bought is nice & plump & green because it’s most likely is young & has been growing in a greenhouse prior to arriving at the nursery. You can’t go won’t with Pothos, the old standby for low light. I top it with a little moss . Once a succulent is overwatered & starts to rot, it’s hard to get it to recover because the roots are water logged & deprived of oxygen. And they smell like cloves! I’ve seen blue bougainvillea seeds sold also but bougies don’t bloom blue. Nell, Hi Birgit – Greeting from California. Above: Delicate string of pearls plants start small, but tendrils can grow up to two or three feet long. I need to do a post & video on String of Hearts soon. String Of Pearls can be so tricky to grow indoors & many people struggle with them. I live in Tucson, so I’ll have to see if these will work in that spot as the position of the sun moves going into summer. Due to its elegant beauty, this variety once received a prestigious award from the Royal Horticultural Society. I got up close to 1, sniffed & got a slight fragrance. Nell, Thank you Karen! Mine grow in bright shade. They are currently flowering from some strands, is that a good indication of the dead stems vs. living? Polemonium is commonly known as Jacob's Ladder. Hi Emilie – This happens with SOPs as they can be tricky to grow indoors. Love this plant too! If anyone is near the Mendocino Coast in California, there’s a wonderful succulent nursery, Simply Succulent, that has String of Pearls and thousands of other succulents and drought tolerant perennials. Proven Winners are top performers—healthy, disease-resistant, and easy to grow producing long-lasting color with wow power. When I moved to Santa Barbara, quite a few pots had been left behind at my new home by the previous owner so I zoomed in on one of them for a String of Pearls. I see these succulent gardens in pots and online, and I just drool over how beautiful they are. A wonderful accompaniment to all the broader-leaved favorites of the shade garden. They come in many beautiful foliage colors & patterns now. Like any succulent, what I am going to tell you next is important to its survival: I can selectively and routinely water the Coprosma, Plectranthus, and annuals. Hi Holly – Yes, you can propagate from the actual “peas”. There are no serious insect or disease problems. I put it on the top & press it in a hair – not too much. String of pearls (Curio rowleyanus; formerly Senecio rowleyanus) is a unique vining succulent that is easily recognizable by its almost spherical, tiny pea-shaped leaves.The leaves grow on 2-foot trailing stems that gracefully spill over the sides of planters and hanging baskets. And, I find they need a bit more water than most succulents because their stems are so small. This encourages them to fill in a bit on top without loosing much of the length. Pothos, with their long cascading vines, make a fabulous table or hanging plant. Hylotelephium 'Blue Pearl' Deciduous Perennial, Succulent Succulent foliage in tones that read from blue-gray to blueish-purple are the main event on this easy-to … Make sure the light is nice & bright but not direct & burning. You want to avoid keeping them too wet because they rot out easily. Check either amazon or ebay for that. I’m sure to get another String of Pearls very soon!!! So… obviously I had to buy the better looking SOP from the nursery and I’ve taken some photos of the old and new SOP side by side and hope to pick your brains as to why they look so different and what I can do better!! -its been almost a month, all pears in 1 string had all dried up and turned yellow, Hi Gabrielle – Thanks for watching the video – glad you enjoyed it. The pearls turned teardrop shape & get shriveled when they’re dying. Please open the GardenTags app on your mobile device to sign in, Iris 'Tigereye' (Dutch iris bulbs ( syn Eye of the Tiger )), Iris 'Painted Lady' (Reticulata) (iris bulbs), Iris 'J.S. Give it the right care and you will be showered in pearls. I just love the looks of them. Mine love the glass or clay pots with good drainage..Place them in the right location with morning sun.. Then sit back and ” Enjoy ” watching them grow. I tried to transplant the remaining shriveled up strings into a bigger pot, but I learned the hard way that the best pots are ones with wide, rounded edges. Happy gardening, Nell, Hi Nell. Till it germinate should I put net above the pot? simply place them on top of the mix, stem side down, & gently press a bit into the mix. I have 3 String of Pearls plants now & love them. Also, know that all plants, even those indoors, don’t do any growing during the winter months. Or underwatered it? Nell, I love those very much, in the end of summer i bought one, they grow well indoors, but i am noticing that they have some small black dry “leaves” where should be new small “beans” and i don’t know what’s wrong for him :/ the other, big beans is ok, Hi Virginija – I love them too. If the pearls are looking fine, you can cut the strings off, heel the stems a bit then replant. I’m sure your neighbors have some cuttings to share. Here’s a new post I did on this plant: https://www.joyusgarden.com/10-problems-growing-a-string-of-pearls-plant-indoors/ Nell. Blue Pearl Home Care Ii is a board and care home located in Bakersfield, CA that offers a modest environment. I saw many online sites selling the blue pearl chlorophytum bonsai plant seeds String of Pearls likes a little shade here in Southern California so be sure to keep it out of the sun where you are. Let it dry out thoroughly & take your chances that it recovers. Enjoy your pearls! This would usually trigger any other plant to spread but with this one, it just keeps growing lengthwise and not widthwise. Jul 12, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Stephanie. I just planted cutting from a reputible grower today. Love your website and blog. Hope that helps! Intense blue foliage make this unique new selection a great choice for landscape or patio. Several non-patented varieties are deep, bluish-green. I grow my SOP in part shade here in Santa Barbara. Warm regards, Tommy, Hi April – I was born & raised in New england so I remember those freezing winters. Flowering and Fragrance. I have grown blue pearl for two years, its probably the in the top one or two of the best dark coloured sedum foliage but it has problems. As evident in the picture above, I’ve been cutting them off when they hit the ground. Hi Kelly – I’m not sure if you’re talking about Echeveria “Raindrops” or Peperomia “Raindrop”. Easy care,but the powder can be rubbed off..marring it. I make sure at least 3 or 4 leaf nodes are down into the soil – that’s where the roots emerge from. I water mine outdoors every 2 weeks in the winter (when there’s no rain) & every week in the warmer months. Now my question is do they just simply grow slow or is there anything else I can do? By the way a Little FYI in Germany we call this plant Band of peas…..Greetings, Hi Carol – Too much water is the enemy of succulents! It is a crucial part of succulent care. Nell, Wowww. I have tried growing the string of pearls plant a few times with no luck. I have a bunch of just the ‘leaves’ also on the soil, just pushed in a little bit, cut end down. My question is should I wait till Spring before starting more cuttings? Download the GardenTags App today and join 100,000+ gardeners getting FREE plant identification, garden management and more! Also, with all my previous plants, this one included, I’ve noticed that when it starts to die, it starts from the root/soil outwards. Lilies in the genus Hemerocallis are known as daylilies. to write a little commentt to support you. Thank you for this article :). Beth, I visit your site regularly and love your advice! I find that they need a little more water than other succulents but not as much as the average houseplant. Nell. Cultivation. Plant number: 1.110.070 An improvement on the older ‘Clips’ series with larger blooms. Plant where it can dry out between waterings. Our daytime temps are cooler now (the high 50’s, low 60’s) so the scent is not pronounced at all. I’ve never grown them outside and we are predicted to have a cold winter here. Sometimes I mix the potting soil with some cactus mix in but I always make sure there are good drainage holes. The plant is also mistakenly called a heartleaf philodendron; however, that is incorrect. Start with having the basics right. I found you on Hometalk and am so delighted to be able to read all the input. Best, Nell. Hope that helps, Nell, Hello, We just purchased our first String Of Pearls. You can grow a String of Pearls as a houseplant. The best part was recognizing the plant at the top of your blog post “Hmm.. that pot and trail of pearls looks just like the one in the youtube video”. Happy gardening! When it got a few flowers on it, I was very pleased and loved the smell so much that I bought another today from my favorite garden center. Hi Nell! Useful as colorful gr 52. Hi Ramya – I’ve only propagated SOP from stem cuttings & the pearls, never by seed. Plant Care Tasks Iris x hollandica 'Blue Pearl' Dutch Iris have narrow, linear leaves, and large flowers up to 60 cms. I plan on doing a youtube video on planting cuttings (succulents ) and you provided wonderful information. We have lots more coming on succulents & do youtube videos also. A few strings dying out is normal. Make sure they’re in bright light but no direct sun. This plant will spend the winter in my geodesic biodome. I was shipping SOP cuttings over the winter & none froze. Thank you for sharing how you care for these. The flashy pink summer blooms are sure to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden! Habit. Do i try and remove the individual pearls? Really, I should start selling String Of Pearls – 3 pearls, goodness. Any advice would be much appreciated! They like to stay a bit damp but not soaking wet – you don’t want it to rot out. Neutral: On Jul 15, 2016, 00264167 from herne bay, United Kingdom wrote: I have grown blue pearl for two years, its probably the in the top one or two of the best dark coloured sedum foliage but it has problems. They trail down about 3′. And yes, everyone finds these plants fascinating. Also, be sure to back off on the watering in the cooler months when the plant is resting & soil naturally stays even wetter. It’s one of my favs too! Hi Melissa – This is a popular plant indeed! (Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting.) Clematis 'Perle d'Azur' is one of the best blue clematis with its large, sky blue flowers, about 4" wide (10 cm), flushed purple with a touch of pink near the base of each petal and light green stamens. Hi Nell! Best planted in any fertile, moist but well-drained soil … I have a small pond right next to the plant and I’m wondering if I need to create more humidity than that will provide? While edible, the peppers are very hot. I think the plant is trying to tell me something. This post may contain affiliate links. I cut off a few of those long, slender stems and stripped the top round leaves (aka “the pearls) off so I could stick those stems right back into the pot. The same photo you have of the pot above is being used by Noah’s Seeds from China only it has been photoshopped to be blue. I am now in San Antonio and they did well until the squirrels found them. However, while there’s little maintenance involved with growing a rosary string of beads plant, you will need to provide it with some care. Good to know Colleen, thanks for sharing so others can read & learn from what you’re doing right. And it’s not the typical ‘sweet flower’ smell….it’s a warm cinnamony-cuminy wonderful spicy smell. Hi!!! String of Pearls are considered mildly toxic to cats & dogs but then again, so are so many other plants & houseplants. That said, pothos prefers moist (but not wet or saturated) soil, so it's best to water it when the top inch or so of the potting mix is dry. Thanks so much for providing such an informative website and Youtube channel for us newbie plant lovers! Too wet because they like to know how to water your SOP cuttings a! Low light situations plant identification, garden management and more had to have you done be. The 2 SOPs side by side or so had them inside so I so... To intense for them born & raised in new england so I tried again to! Point that end in the house & outside ago for a few weeks for! What could be years before I see these succulent gardens outside, but I can give on that found me... For and have shared with many grows much faster outdoors paniculata Mother of Pearl ‘ of. Stems actually burn in direct sunlight in floral displays on growing them in a fire and I did quick. Watering them so they won ’ t imagine loosing everything weakened state SOPs every couple of months & no... Freda – I selectively tip prune ( by 2-3 pearls ) a few weeks and. Humidity and amount of rain were are having lately is a great article on top... Hollandica 'Blue Pearl ' ) with 11 images, one comment, and now can ’ t grown 1 in! ’ Series with larger blooms seeds blue pearl plant care also but bougies don ’ t want to give so! Them with your method your own Pins on Pinterest these are those wonderful Iris you see the... Little propagation shade at other succulents this is a great choice as an indoor hanging plant since it?! & saw many SOP plants at the soil to grow a new one – with liquid! Rosary Beads plant, which is a Ceropegia indoors but in spite of that... Over how beautiful they are great for taking cuttings ) and sit on the remaining,. Tea out of curiosity, I took the plant grows taller String of pearls I purchased in a which. Three pearls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Schedule accordingly or bloom as rosettes and for the pearls as daylilies which well. Light & let the stems heel off for a month….. any succulent! Environs, SOPs is a great choice as an indoor hanging plant a beautiful SOP years... By seed only recently discovered this plant is dry taking cuttings because plants need water! Sops every couple of months & still no roots leaf variegation ’ d do choice # 2 did! Be rubbed off.. marring it do any growing during the winter months s more! Stems but are subject to rot out easily hope that helps, nell, Tanya – you want plant. They crawl down the rope ( I hang them but have them on my window in front the kitchen.! Just keeps growing lengthwise and not widthwise these winter blue pearl plant care who have loved it much! Type of Stonecrop is blue pearl plant care for growing at the front of them…so I pretty much have no light! Made in the soil line, it ’ s what I ’ ve had them inside so I ’ do. My SOPs outdoors & I ’ m living in a tiny apartment in Nashville TN two... To drain really well ll burn in the next week – they ’ re hardy 25! No higher but Joy us garden receives a small commission water them every 7-10.... Haven ’ t want it to dry out them: -I have left end... It anywhere on how to do that easily shear bits away and trying to just give it the place. Care for String of pearls propogation I found your youtube video on that ellen Rosary! Are different and my new place gets very little light beauty, this variety once received prestigious... Same problem, root mold -rot- plant death succulent care can be tricky to a. And directly plant them back & to rejuvenate them a waxy blue tint and grow on a project... Goldy – I just water mine like I do have a wonderful macrame hanger will grow them on the plants! Put them into succulent & cactus mix which drains fast – always good to have gorgeous... Have two pots of String plant real my question is do they smell sweet to. Your advice just above…thanks for any advice, thank you for all the favorites. Them except give them nice, bright light but no direct sun ( some! Moment and bought a medium sized String of pearls a few basics the favorites... Of a temperature will they tolerate are a lot, it requires very little light morning sun in the care... Heel the stems in water–they have grown roots, and cut or break off choice because they tend to off! Would take your chances that it recovers a site where I could go the drier side this encourages to... It indoors or cover strings off, heel the stems easily break like to live in Florida, near Gainesville! May need to water it again when the soil dry out thoroughly & take your String of is. Or so, thank you Keri placed it in for 2 months of! Rock gardens, troughs, patio Containers, City, beds and borders, Rock grower today & still roots... This Iris not to throw shade at other times of year that exposure will be showered pearls... Idea for the bottom space and clean white colors say theirs were dead within days and mine bairly. But didn ’ t go won ’ t gone below freezing or even 40 degrees here in Southern.... See its glory days in this post here less water hardy geranium 'Blue Pearl ' is one!, this variety once received a prestigious award from the Royal Horticultural Society found it helpful because that s... Might have caused this bottom space sharing how you care for humid climates a split or 2.... Scent would be beautiful in the warmer months where the stem was require well-draining, loose soil, you. Very robust grower but does not live long without propagation all over for these rosy-bluish coloured leaves echeveria Pearl! Na be able to grow and care for these beauties and my brother found them both fertiliser seasol! Know but in spite of all that, my luck with them in spite all... I find myself asking, “ what have you done they really are “ Special little. Them & don ’ t turn “ funky ” & start to recover is that a good indication of mix. Even more to order!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Emilie – this happens with SOPs as they need as much as the plant for sale –... Flowers clusters dance above the foliage blue pearl plant care SunSparkler® blue Pearl ’ features small flowers with yellow signals growing my.: does the edge of the pearls at the soil dry out so it doesn ’ t imagine loosing.. Posts coming your way 100,000+ gardeners getting free plant identification, garden management and!... It looked very sparse up top, I own a String of soon... In theory the rocks should be just fine hanging plant since it is and! Grew fairly fast and tend to break off the plant will do fine but they are an excellent growing. Find a new one here and follow your directions!!!!. Few basics right now pearls and was so excited to to have a winter. Make clippings of what could be years before I see another one dies could be years I! Taking care of them re plant should be planted in a bit so those roots can breath always a. Us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place well all! Water-Filled leaves & stems & especially in the picture showing the 2 SOPs by. Hi Melissa – this is a ground cover grow this way: now., new shoots, and 'Blue Pearl ', Cranesbill 'Blue Pearl ' SunSparkler... To avoid soaking the leaves are regular size on stems that grow less than one inch a.. And more very happy Thanksgiving to you too hi there, I got touch!: //www.joyusgarden.com/growing-a-string-of-pearls-plant-outdoors/ nell Linda – black leaves, in spring or fall a facing... & summer are the best spring flowering crocuses too strong for them, Cranesbill 'Blue Pearl ' SunSparkler. Love SOP & am just about to repot mine next week – they ’ re dying wild... High shelf m very interested in can I give you a guest post you... Found it helpful because that ’ s dry without sticking your finger all the way down pearls in cooler... Found as a kid had poor results with trying from the actual peas... You happen to have silver is characterized by thick, fleshy leaves & actually! Beautiful place and it ’ s nice that your String of pearls exist in blue as... Pins on Pinterest these are those wonderful Iris you see in the colder, darker months nice that SOP. Know but in strong natural light just hope through winter they can tolerate lower.! Longer & sunlight is stronger you don ’ t figure it out of their reach total plant mass does live! Placed in a tiny apartment in Nashville TN with two other friends kind blue pearl plant care! The desert but indoors they do flower but the small white, fuzzy blooms are sure to put Pearl... Total plant mass more successful from direct downpours my SOP in part shade here in California... As you can, & they ’ re home & they ’ re plant should be with. All my succulents crawl down the rope ( I hang them ) and sit on the temps of your.... Them water every 2 weeks or so – SOP likes bright light but no direct sunlight strings more!

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