I like to kill in spring plant clover and radishes sometime end of May. Fall food plots are great for deer hunting! If consistent high levels of browsing occur, additional plots or acres would need to be installed so the plant species you want to grow can be maintained in the food plot. We're experts in wildlife seeds & food plots for deer hunters in Michigan & the Midwest. How to Plant Soybeans for Your Best Deer Food Plots - Monday August 28, 2017 - Don Higgins Nothing beats soybeans for deer food plots when it comes to nutrition, tonnage and attraction. I plant all my food plots in northern Michigan and have experimented with a lot if different seed blends. The short answer is it depends. I have planted food plots for the last many years, but never corn. Food Plot and Habitat Management website My land is in central WI very sandy soil lots of lime to keep it at about 6.5 ph. When is The Best Time to Plant Clover Here at Frigid Forage, we often get asked about our clover food plots, when to plant them, how long they last, etc. In this post, we will explain what we do and recommend. Now we have a 1/2 white clover, 1/2 rye grass plot (1 acre) in the middle of the front forty. This is equivalent in climate and vegetation to areas over 1,000 miles north. Ideally, food plots should be at least 800 square feet and should receive approximately 4 hours of sunlight a day. In many parts of Michigan, deer consume grain crops more than any other wildlife species. Northern RegionTo give your plants the best chance of success, plant w I have looked over other postings, but not able to find details on the best way to plant for the purpose of a food plot. Traditional food plots usually involve some chemicals, too. For example, we plant … For agricultural purposes, northern Michigan includes the uppermost part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan as well as most of the Upper Peninsula. It’s all part of nature’s plan. Planting food in the woods takes a fair amount of sweat equity but the results can be Recently, food plots have been that trend. I wanted to ask for some sugestions on planting corn. Food plots will grow best in quality soil, yet this is exactly where farmers want to plant their income-producing crops, not foliage for wildlife. Tons of food in the fall and very nutritious. Northern Michigan has a highly variable climate by season, with snowy winters and moderate summers, as well as distinct spring and fall seasons. I also want to thank two knowledgeable and trustworthy seed companies/dealers: John Carpenter of Pennington Seed Company in Madison, GA ( www.Penningtonseed.com ) and William Cooper (deceased) of Cooper Seed in Lawrenceville, GA … The family has finally agreed that the time is right to try food plots on our property in Northern Michigan, so I have been designated the point man to figure out our strategy. For best results, wait to plant until excessively hot, droughty summer weather has passed. Both areas are still very thick even though we had it select cut a few years ago and are trying to strategically place food plots. Home Land Management Food Plots: What to Plant Food Plot Rotation Apr 12, 2018 There are many advantages to having a great food plot rotation plan. Planting food plots has absolutely taken off in the last decade. The problem now is that food plot seed has become very expensive, and large plots can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to put in. In the past five Here's your pro guide on what to plant and when to plant it in order to maximize your deer hunting success. Georgia, we plant food plots at mountainous elevations as high as 4,000 ft. One location is in southern Michigan’s farm country, and the other parcel is in the Big Woods country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.). Planning Whitetail Deer Food Plots for Canadian hunters can be intimidating. Is it too late to plant a food plot? In both of my food plots, I plant the same thing. Variety options are Glyphosate Tolerant and Natural 4 to 7 feet tall Plant in the spring with good soil moisture at 3/4 Buckwheat reaches heights of 2 to 4 feet at maturity. My plots are also small but i have several of them to help take the pressure off any one plot These can be anywhere from 1/10th of an acre up to two to three acres. 50% oats, 50% brassicas, split in two (or in strips, as is the case on one of my plots). Food plots in the woods and poor man plots can have equal if not more impact on the success of your season if you play your cards correctly. We are Unless you want to attract deer, arrange grain plots away from woods, swamps and other deer cover, or plant the crop so that it is perpendicular--and not parallel--to the deer habitat. Grow them like the GameKeepers and learn the secrets of growing the most productive food plots imaginable from the industry's leading experts. I live in west Michigan and have good luck with buck forage oats, rape, purple top turnips and triticale. Their main functions are to draw deer for harvest and provide nutrition. Food Plot Planting Tips. After my article in Ontario OUT of Doors magazine on “Deer Food Plots” was published I continued to use Rack Stacker deer seed and attractant products. Most folks who plant food plots for deer plant hunting plots. The question is, what should you plant, when, and why Topic: What to Plant in Wisconsin Food Plots: There are only three situations where it makes sense to plant ag crops in your food plots: 1. the plots are large (over an acr), 2. deer density is low or 3. you use a fence system like the Hot Zone systen shown here (click image for more details) to keep the deer out until the plants get established. Attractant type food plots of 1/4 to 1 acre planted deep into the woods or next to the woods 1, soybeans planted in May to condition your deer about your plans for them of several acres 2, soybeans planted on the first of August for your bow site. However, it is not a legume, as are some of the more commonly planted summer deer forages, such as soybeans, cowpeas, lablab, and alyceclover. Just click on your region below to download the latest planting guide. Feeding plots, when used When we talk about planting tips for the hunting season, it is important to point out that there can be significant differences in the timing for where you might live compared to other gamekeepers. Instead, most food plots are relegated to poorer soil and marginal farming locations. As I’ve mentioned earlier this spring, this year I will be putting in food plots for the first time. food plots, of which 40 percent should be annuals and 60 percent should be perennials. Thanks to Quality Deer Management Association Chapter president Ed Spinazzola for his insights and long experience at planting food plots in Michigan. The total acreage to be planted in food plots, along with the size of individual plantings, must be Before you plant food plots, consider these factors. Year around food is only one of the many benefits. Increasingly popular, they have helped hunters to bag bigger bucks and helped deer to become bigger and healthier over the long winters in Michigan. For the best information on what and when to plant food plots, go to Bill Winke’s website, Midwest Whitetail, and Don Higgins website, Higgins Outdoors. Located in Northern Minnesota since 1987, we know what food plots work best in the cold forbidding climate that big whitetails call home. This Busted: 10 Myths About Food Plots Don’t fall for gimmicks and hype. For example, a person who lives in northern Minnesota has a 45 to 60 day difference in the time of year when they would plant their food plots for the hunting season compared to someone planting in southern Mississippi. Now, nearly EVERY hunter has attempted to plant food specifically to grow bigger and healthier deer. Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) is a warm-season annual forb that can provide several benefits to your whitetail food plot program. Warmer climates If you’re a southerner, or live somewhere in which the weather is typically warmer, you can go ahead and plant your crops in the fall and they should be ready for deer season. The plant has … Read More Here in the upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan), fall food plots need to be planted no later than the week before Labor Day, and preferably around the first of August. Given that I’m working with relatively small food plots and have a goal of consistent hunting season attraction in an agricultural Northern environment, here’s what I plant. Winke is in Iowa and Higgins in Illinois, and if there are any better deer 3 Properly planted food plots can be a tremendous benefit to white-tailed deer. I like to use brassicas for fall food plots. Food plots for deer hunters by Wildlife Seed Supply provide deer hunters with a wide variety of wildlife seeds, brassicas & mixes. If you live in a cooler climate, such as a northern state, you’ll want to plant your crops in late summer, so they’ll be ready for deer season. In less densely-populated wildlife areas, or where agricultural crops are plentiful, plots less than 2 acres may provide enough forage to meet your food plot goals. I plant my plots the last week of July or first week of August and have good results. I own hunting land containing food plots in two distinctly different areas. Attract more Protein packed forage soybeans are the best food plot for attracting deer and bulking up body weight and antlers. Question This is

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