Please note the new 6 series trousers are a different size fit. Part of the Snickers Stretch Trousers Range. 0000022546 00000 n Seems JavaScript is not enabled. Colour Swatches: Snickers 3312 Illustration. 32 0 obj <> endobj Size: 30 Regular Size Chart Color: Black $129.70 . Side panel design. Click Here, UPDATE 6/2/21 – 99.9% of orders are being delivered within 2/8 working days (still to slow but improving) however odd ones can still be held up by customs checks that we have no control over. 0000138099 00000 n Snickers Ripstop Trouser (3213) 0000121556 00000 n Add to this the recent national Covid lockdown and this is made even more difficult to implement, Please stay safe and we will update here with any new information, © 2020 | SNICKERSUK.COM T/A CENTURY WORKWEAR LTD | Site by StuCommerce |, Snickers 6241 AllRoundWork Stretch Holster Pocket Trousers | Snickers Trousers, SLIM FIT STRETCH NON HOLSTER POCKET TROUSERS, LOOSE FIT STRETCH HOLSTER POCKET TROUSERS, LOOSE FIT STRETCH NON HOLSTER POCKET TROUSERS, FLEXIWORK TROUSERS & SHORTS (SLIMMER FIT), RUFFWORK CANVAS+ NON HOLSTER POCKET TROUSERS. … 0000015739 00000 n Key Points. 0000055861 00000 n 32 79 The label inside the trousers show a different size as Snickers use the same tags as they use in the loose fitting 3 series. Often Matti protested about the poor quality, poor fitment or lack of protection offered by existing clothing. 0000253389 00000 n 0000019430 00000 n 0000034577 00000 n 0000009387 00000 n Our size chart is accurate for the 6 series range. Why are deliveries still taking longer? 0000025625 00000 n Snickers 6241 AllRoundWork Stretch Holster Pocket Trousers. Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9 Size 10 Size 11 Size 12 Size 13 Size 14 Size 15 Size 16 Size 17. 0000004327 00000 n Even after 20 years, the GTS you know and love just keep getting better. Choose the right size chart below: 3 XXX for 3-series trousers 6 XXX for 6-series trousers. 0000056867 00000 n 0000219410 00000 n Unfortunately it doesn’t get the press coverage due to the much greater problem we are living with at the moment. 0000037561 00000 n SNICKERS PACKAGE DEALS All Package Deals 0000021198 00000 n Snickers Workwear price list 2019 1 Guide to buying Snickers Workwear trousers Snicke rs Workwear produce trousers in two different family styles - 3 series and 6 series, each with a different fit. Brand New. SNICKERS PACKAGE DEALS All Package Deals ��a�]��B�/y@^�� �^=- Workwear goes street smart in these stretchy work trousers that feature slimmer legs for a clean, technical look. Therefore it’s virtually impossible for us to make any changes from that point. Same for the pants - my regular Gore-tex bibs were just a bit damp on the outer surface (they are old bibs and haven't had a DWR treatment in a long time). v���'��g�wx�S*�MT6$m�™څ�c��xC�*��xT=��@T�ɗ�RUx����ͻ�ߜ_���3�N�ϔ����*2��*[_2A���89CxϮ�ф��7�ƿ�R�g��H{��g�t�^])R?����l�=���5�Q��L�t��`:��?>sh��;,�vx��g&��'��wN�Eh����_>)Ĭ��.Y�U2��@oI��; _��֓��v��&�A�1;>�f���Dl5M�%���9����8��� H��} t�pZ��?c�`�U)����� b�Z� $Hxa"��b3`�J7Ż�k���*���'A�,���0F��������%`�C�E�E��"���,LY����}ac�Tj�%�^<ǺR׵2�mL@� �hWH��x@ge� âzpT��Su�����T��k`!�s�U���+b���+�����V���a��:S~�y��LtL�",��;HS�;� ؉P�FX��!��| 27 Station Road Industrial Estate, Hailsham, BN27 2EY, United Kingdom, Weeks after Brexit. There are people working at DPD to resolve this but there’s no quick fix sadly, Update 2/2/21 – Orders placed (excluding back orders) 26th/27th are held up slightly by the new batch of Snow falling throughout parts of the UK so are now expected to be with you Thursday/Friday this week Please remember even if your area is not affected by snow your parcel may be traveling through an area that is Click Here.

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