Instructional video on how to bypass the seat switch(pressure switch) on a Troy built - Bronco riding mower. Joined Apr 22, 2013 Threads 1 Messages 5. Turn on the power of the mower. I bought a Husqvarna yth20k46 riding mower. And 1 for the blade engagement. This safety switch is composed of a set of pins that connect with another set of pins. 1 goes to the brake linkage. The one under the seat is easy to see by lifting the seat. I need to know how to bypass the seat switch on my Craftsman lawn tractor. What is the Safety Switch on a Lawn Mower? This is a safety feature in case someone were to fall off the mower while it was moving or to prevent the power from being put into gear without anyone to control it. Seat Safety Switch Modification bypass a seat switch . I have compression and fuel, but do not have spark. J. jbeambabie Forum Newbie. I left that one alone. Look at the switch and you will see NO or NC. 1 under the seat. Test the mower by lowering the mower deck and engaging the mower blade. The safety switch on a Craftsman mower is designed to shut the engine down if no one is seated on the tractor seat. When you are able to move the mower easily into the reverse position, then the bypass of the safety switch is successful. The switch automatically disengages the engine when weight is taken off the seat, such as when you dismount to change the bagger. Riding mowers and tractors have a safety mechanism that prevents the machine from starting when there’s no one sitting on it.. The engine does turn over and the battery is fine. When the operator stands, an electrical circuit is broken, and the mower cannot be placed into gear. One such safety feature is its seat safety switch. It was not only troublesome but hard on the motor since it had to stop and start when I moved on the seat. Now, take your position in the mower seat and place the key in the ignition switch. In addition to its reputation for durability, the Cub Cadet also has many safety features. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! If the operator attempts to put the lawn tractor into gear while not seated, the John Deere mower will shut off automatically. You might well be right because you most have the wiring diagram to his mower and I don't. I want to bypass the seat switch so that I may eliminate … Spark plug and fuse are fine. Answer (1 of 2): For my Craftsman YS4500 riding mower I was able to bypass all the safety kill switches by bypass two of the three. The seat safety switch proved troublesome for me when I had to lean to either side of the seat while mowing. When I am doing repairs on a mower and want to by pass the seat switch on most of the mowers I just unplug them. I have a Craftsman lawn tractor model number 917.273642. John Deere riding mowers come equipped with seat safety switches located directly under the operator's seat. The way I bypassed the seat switch on a Husqvarna YTH21K46 I have the Husqvarna model number YTH21K46. Apr 23, 2013 #4 midnite rider said: Yes also it depends also on how many wires go to that switch. The Cub Cadet is among the most popular riding mowers on the market today. I had the mower deck bracket welded back on. The mower would start and run just fine but the deck mounting bracket was broken out of the deck. I still have the blade and seat switch to bypass. One of the pins is attached to the seat, and the other set of pins comes from a wire connected to the electric system. Do this at your own risk as there is a safety reason for the switch and take into account who else may use the mower. This model mower has three (that I can find).