We’ve always used harnesses. You can benefit by drinking peppermint tea or … This is a communicable infection. Thanks for this post. We have a Westie that has a cough from time to time. I have a friend who had a dog who coughed as a result of heart disease and getting fluid in his lungs as a result, and they were able to medicate him for a few years to keep him feeling good. My vet once said “you have to ask yourself if there’s any quality of life left. She doesn’t cough constantly though, thankfully. Thank you for your post. Shortly after we brought the pugs home I read up on pug-care and read that harnesses are safer than collars so they have always used a harness if they are going to be attatched to a leash, at least since they have lived with us. i have videos of the coughing if anyone is interested. A pug can start coughing for a number of reasons, ranging from kennel cough to a congenital condition that produces a distinctive cough. 0 0. This of course is all down to genetics and (badly) breeding in the shorter snout over many decades. My pug has been coughing 4 close to a week and then have gotten a lot worse now I don't know what to give him and he keeps coughing continually especially when he's active compared to when he's laying … read more My vet also has pugs. I will never forget bring him home from the vet and holding him in a blanket while my husband was digging his grave in our backyard. Clinically, a productive cough sounds moist and low-pitched, and the animal often swallows immediately afterwards. I’m relieved to see this happens with pugs. 15 minutes after he takes it he’s good. At first it was only happening after she ate, so the vet suggested she … The watering down of the food and having her take prescription cough medicine doesn’t completely stop the coughing, it just reduces it. We’ve seen a couple of vets for the coughing and they listen to her neck/throat area with a stethoscope and her chest with a stethoscope as well and are able to determine that way whether the source is heart or throat, so it’s a fairly quick and easy visit. He’s 15. I have a 15 year old pug that is going through the same thing Beans is going through. He was finally at peace. It’s strange, because last night I loosened his harness (which goes around the front legs so can put pressure on his chest) and took him on a walk today and I haven’t heard him gag even one time! I have an old girl, Lucy, who has been coughing and hacking for about 8 months. I felt bad because I thought he was doing it for attention and a quick google search came up with trachea collapse. Also, we were told that anything that can irritate allergies or asthma can irritate trachea collapse, such as pollen, other allergens, dust, chemicals, etc. I vacuum every two days and wash their bedding and mine every week. Good luck with everything! Coughing. The vet has not given the diagnosis, but next visit im long time I ask for a cough suppressant. Thanks again. The very first diagnosis was cough due to the renovations were doing in our home (made since to me--I had a cough too!). Oliver, the older pug has been gagging now for a couple of months. Fluid builds up in the lungs over time, and your dog coughs or gags in unsuccessful attempts to bring up the fluid. Nasal discharge in dogs can be a condition that means absolutely nothing. I don’t have children yet so I’m able to focus on my dogs more than some, i suppose. Oh these little puggers, he’s the remaining one of two and I just couldn’t bear to say goodbye yet! But just like us, when a dogs coughing becomes a constant or recurrent problem it can be a sign of serious illness. I would advise going in to have his heart checked out, if you haven’t had it checked since his coughing started, because coughing can be heart related issues, as well. I’m thinking this might come with allergies as it happens infrequently. He said sometimes surgery is suggested, but at her advanced age (13 at the time) he wouldn’t recommend putting her through it. She tends to have coughing fits when she gets up from laying down, when she gets really excited (which she does every night when we get ready for bed…she LOVEs going to bed, lol), or if we pick her up. Thank you, she’s pretty old but she’s still kickin’ and is still happy so we’re grateful. Is he choking? She has had these white mucus attacks from her nose that cause her to collapse as she cannot breathe. In addition to his cough, his back legs aren’t very strong and so my wife and I wheel him to the park daily to play. Vaccine Reactions. Glad your vet figured out what was going on with your pug Beans. I am Emily Evert, the owner of Emily Reviews. Do you have a dog with coughing and gagging? Once we were able to answer (regretfully) no to all of those questions, we knew it was time. with changing weather in maritime, may be that will help him again. She may also have an enlarged esophagus so I hold her up right after eating. Man is that a scary thing! Can he still enjoy himself”. Digestion hasn’t been her friend but she hasn’t been challenges with the cough and gag before like this. Not sure if there is any actual science in that, haha. A pug with asthma usually has a chronic cough. The vet has tested her for infections and parasites. vaseline seems to help a little, should i be more concerned, she doesn't seem to be in any respiratory distress. She is still happy and playful and doesn’t seem distressed by the coughing at all. Dog gagging is usually paired with a cough (which may come before or after the cough). I love reading memoirs, and learning about child development and psychology. She been coughing/ gagging every half hr. Sometimes she will have days where she coughs a lot more than others. Typical signs are a high-pitched, honking cough if your pug's vocal chords are swollen, or a dry, hacking cough. We have an almost 15 year old pug/ Codi. Tracheal collapse or narrowing is a congenital condition commonly seen in small dogs such as the pug. Aug 30, 2019 - Almost two years ago I noticed that my senior pug Beans was gagging after she would eat. We’re as much of the center of his world as he is ours. We have never given benedryl for the cough but my other pug is allergic to flea bites so in the past when we have had flea issues we were told we could give him 25mg benedryl and it definitely helped with his itchiness. Thanks for posting about this Emily. My dog is a 13 yr old pug who has a narrow trachea. In addition to his cough, his back legs aren’t very strong and so my wife and I wheel him to the park daily to play. If your Pug spends a lot of time outdoors with you, then use a natural insect repellent for dogs during the bug season to keep your pet say bite free. Once your pug’s stomach has been rested and ready for some food again, a bland diet that will be gentle on the stomach is a must. He has used a harness on her from the beginning. Knowing some of the most common causes of coughing in dogs can help you determine when you need to worry. Hope your dog is well Thanks again for your comments! Acute coughing appears for short periods and then leaves. Never used collars and only used harnesses in public. But I think that just released pressure and the cool air made him perkier. July will be 7 years since we brought her home and we were told she was 9 then so I guess she’s about 16 now. In dogs and cats this material is usually swallowed, but it can occasionally be expectorated to the exterior. While I wish that Beans didn’t have this issue, it is something we have lived with pretty easily. He began coughing a year ago and it’s gotten to a point that he can’t go for much of a walk. I think it is somewhat normal for a pug to do that once in a while, but it can also meet there is an infection. I will prepare that it is for the rest of her life. If your vet diagnoses a cough related to a heart condition, he will prescribe medication to improve the pug's heart function. The vet believes he has respiratory issues due to collapsed trachea and an enlarged heart. The vet says it is not a fatal condition, it is just something to manage so that is what we do. a beautiful Pug dog image by John Steel from, DVM 360: Tracheal Collapse Frustrating; Minimally Invasive Techniques Promisings, Pug Central: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual; Bruce Fogle. He was on a cough suppressant and it helped a bit, but he’s back to doing it. If your pug starts coughing, listen to him, then take him to the vet. Use of a collar will cause more damage to the trachea . And, his spirits are up and high (we fee so fortunate for that), even though he has started coughing quite a bit. X-rays show her heart is normal size and her trachea is clear. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of strain on the pug's entire body and can lead to heart enlargement, tracheal collapse and chronic bronchitis. His legs started to be weak, then over the course of time we was unable to use his back legs at all. She holds a Master of Arts in informational studies from London University. A natural remedy for Kennel Cough is PetAlive KC-Defense - Keeps Healthy Lungs Clear (20g) ... Puppy Coughing is one of the symptoms, but other symptoms include fever and change in mood, lack of appetite and loss of energy. Hi there! Most of these are treatable. Herbal Remedies for Dog Cough . I put her on an antibiotic and cough suppressant Sunday to be safe as I was worrrid she might have a respiratory infection. Treatment usually consists of cough suppressants or expectorants, but if the condition persists, the vet usually prescribes antibiotics. When she’s just hanging out, she doesn’t cough most days. This is important to note for your vet. Three of my beloved pugs lived to be 14 years old. Our Beans was diagnosed probably 3 years ago now? planning to take him to the vet today and hoping he will have a great holiday time with us this season. If we are late on his dose or we accidentally missed it for some reason it’s very apparent and he starts coughing a lot. She still coughs especially if she gets excited or pants. Operations for Trach Problems in Yorkies→. For example, dust, pollen, changes in weather, chemicals in cleaning supplies, etc. According to the ASPCA "Complete Dog Care Manual," a persistent nighttime cough might be a sign of poor heart function. Happy to have found this forum. When people visit our house, our dogs tend to get excited which means Beans will end up coughing a lot more than she does when we are just hanging out at home without visitors. . It’s maybe a few times a day and not severe, and have already been using a harness and watering her food. I know that some people think we’re cuckoo for diapering a dog, carrying him around, bringing a water dish to him, etc but with the meds, he doesn’t seem to be in pain and he still seems happy so even though we realize he’s on “borrowed time” at this point, we just don’t see a need to make the decision until he seems to be suffering and we aren’t there yet. View all of our. Enjoy every day with your Beans! Wishing you and your family good health! The characteristics of a dog's cough help us to determine its cause. He had a chest xray recently which found nothing uncommon. Bailey is on a harness always for walks, no collar for him! I am definitely going to ask about tracheal collapse. Vaccine reactions can cause dermatitis and itching in both cats and dogs. I appreciate everyone’s stories. This loss of air passage results in excessive snorting, snoring, coughing, and gagging. :). Wondering if that triggered the heightened effect. As with humans, steam also significantly suppress coughing in dogs. Enjoyed reading your detailed account! Your pugs are old and look so sweet like mine. Oil of oregano kills fungus and bacteria that can cause coughing, but don't overdo it — oil of oregano is a "hot" oil that will severely irritate the mucous passages when administered undiluted or in larger quantities. Coughing and gagging up phlegm are often signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, combined with louder than normal breathing. Recently he hasn’t been interested in his kibble, so I started adding a little wet food, but tomorrow I will try to put some water on the wet food as suggested to make it softer. I am so appreciating this post and the replies. I am sending you love and light as it’s so hard to watch your fur baby decline in this way. This January, our pug Bailey started the dry cough too. It’s been seven years. We’re in Norcal and usually have dry hot summers, but this week has been unusually humid. I am careful to not use cleaning supplies while she is in the room, and to dust and vacuum when she isn’t close by as well. His brother (who I talk about in my previous post) is 14. xo, Our Otis pug was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea when he was about 11 years old. If your pug starts coughing, listen to him, then take him to the vet. It's upsetting to see your pug in distress. Turkey is another protein that is gentle on the stomach and much less likely to be an allergy problem. A dry cough is often associated with a well-known canine disease known as ‘kennel cough’. Symptoms of respiratory congestion According to VetInfo: "Dogs suffering respiratory congestion will have trouble breathing, especially when they try to inhale.Breathing may be labored, rapid and shallow." The vet did say it’s not fatal or painful but it is very sad for us to see him experiencing this. The other 2 girls aged 13 and 11 are fine. He used to cough only on walks but now it’s when he eats too fast, drinks water, gets too excited, with exercise or barks. Useful herbs that can be used to effectively soothe and manage coughing in dogs include: Mullein: Mullein is good for dry coughs such as kennel cough or chronic recurring coughs. We used harnesses on our pugs since we got them in 2014 and Beans started coughing in 2017. It seems to have gotten worse in the last 48 hrs and I am wondering if it’s because of the change in weather. So, put water on to boil and add a few leaves of these plants. He is very happy to be around my wife and I and he still LOVES food (though we feed him raw and try to keep his weight down). Such a hard time. If you don’t want to use any cough medicine at all, try some of these home remedies to help relieve your dog’s minor coughing: Hydrogen Peroxide and Honey There are quite a few anecdotal reports that claim that hydrogen peroxide and honey can help ease the dry, hacking coughing caused by kennel cough. Weight loss. The best remedy would be prescription medicines to cure the condition. He explained that trachea collapse is common in a lot of smaller dog breeds including pugs. Hi, Emily! An elongated soft palate is the most common cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a pug, but a swollen larynx, enlarged tonsils, narrow nostrils and asthma can also cause it. nothing comes up but saliva and slight foam. Still, there are just “bad coughing days” for her. Collapsed Trachea. He would bark constantly if we left the room. Menthol in peppermint soothes the throat and acts as a decongestant, helping to break down mucus. We find stressful to see him cough, but then, when it comes to morning and evening food time, one just must see his enthusiasm to know that he is alright! We haven’t found a cough suppressant that has worked all that well for her, and we’ve had her to the vet a couple time to re-confirm that it is just collapsing trachea and not heart trouble or anything else and our vet always says it’s definitely just her throat. As pugs get older, the coughing can increase without intervention. If your vet can't manage the condition with medication, he might recommend surgery. The sound of him not coughing was deafening. This seemed to ease the cough but never went away. wondering what i should could do. You need to take him to a vet, who will examine his windpipe using various diagnostic tools such as a fluoroscope, X-ray and endoscope. Other symptoms include: Fever, if the congestion is caused by an infection (normal body temperature should be around 101 to 102 degrees F) Gave my pugs one benadryl in the morning and before bedtime. I have seen others say their dogs were given steroids, too and we were never offered that either. So, with it being somethin that only became problematic around age 14 and because she isn’t unhappy living this way, I feel like ti’s very manageable. i do have a feather bed, and i think she might have one in her throat, is there a home remedy i can try? I was wondering if he had heart trouble and was just thinking of taking him to the vet when I googled the problem and got your story. Regardless; great to read your post. He coughed constantly even when he was sleeping. Instead, he gave us a cough suppressant. I try to explain to everyone who sees her that while she coughs a lot when they see her, she doesn’t always cough that way, and that we are treating her condition. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I will definitely start putting water on his food to see if it helps. She does have the occasional off day where she does seem to cough more, my theory is that it’s somehow tied to the weather, maybe. Follow Emily on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram. My other pug Mijo has it as well. Such a precious boy he was! Can he play? Gagging, Coughing, Heaving and Retching – What’s The Difference? That didn’t help her stop gagging. The distinctive coughing sound a pug makes if he has this condition is usually compared to the honking sound that geese make, or to a child with croup. Kennel cough is an infectious disease that your pug can catch from other dogs. Your dog may be lethargic or seem more tired than normal. Tracheal collapse or narrowing is a congenital condition commonly seen in small dogs such as the pug. After drinking water. Your vet will treat your pug with a bronchodilator and anti-allergy drugs, treatments also used for humans. my pug is 2 years old, has always been healthy. Pugsly suffers from chronic bronchitis, and when he is getting another infection, she will start the coughing then gagging. I have two pugs 15 and 11. Because of their shortened airways, this condition is harder on pugs than on humans. This is most noticeable after exercise.The coughing increases if the condition is not diagnosed. Hi Emily, glad you made this post. Since then we have kept her on the cough suppressant year-round. As its name suggests, boarding kennels, grooming salons, and places where dogs hang out in groups are often sources of the infection. Been coughing/gagging for a couple years. There are several herbs that can help as a home remedy, including Echinacea and Eucalyptus. So their respiratory systems are working harder and you hear more of the coughing and gagging. To be checked out! Your dog will widely open their mouth; it’s a throat spasm that makes breathing and swallowing very difficult. He was so sad, so agitated. I plan to ask about Benadryl since that seems to work for others. Coughing up mucous phlegm or fluids – this is known as a productive cough. After the exercise, let your pug cool down for at least 30 minutes before letting them eat. I’m glad you checked with a vet and he/she offered suggestions. We had a pug named Frank as well :). Now if she would just let me cut her nails and brush her teeth! Our pug is almost 13. He was almost 15 years. Exercise will trigger a coughing episode. We considered switching to canned food, and we may still do that in the future. If your dog is overweight....put her on a diet, but restrict exercise. Should you call your veterinarian? this morning he started coughing. a vet would be last resort as money is real tight right now but if i have to i will. Also Emily, our eldest pug had the exact same path that your older guy is having. Before getting any vaccinations for your Pug, ask your veterinarian if there can be any adverse reactions for your pooch. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. For periods of coughing or laboured breathing (when no other reason can be identified), it is recommended to give a short course of corticosteroid and antibiotic. Vet says, it is most likely collapsed trachea. My 14-year-old Min Pin has what seems like the same condition. Maybe a Pug trait?? John. When coughing starts, try to calm her down...this always worked with my dog. Her articles have appeared in the "Palm Beach Times" and she is the author of numerous books published by Hamlyn U.K., including "Healing Reiki" and "Pilates System." How scary! Foxy will be 16 early Aug. so she has done great and just hope she can continue but this does take a lot out of her. Thanks for your informative post. I’m just worried it could be serious and cause him to stop breathing. Coughing may be defined as productive or non-productive. I have a 14 year old pug going on 15 now named Frank. When they run or do any kind of exercise, naturally they require more oxygen. If coughing becomes severe, contact your veterinarian. Or has your dog been diagnosed with tracheal collapse? Chronic coughing is prolonged and may never go away completely. My pug family consisted of the father, mother, brother & sister. It is common for boiled chicken & rice to be recommended but as both chicken & rice are common allergy problems, staying clear of both is a good idea. Other symptoms are fever, nose and eye discharge and breathing problems. I definitely recommend it for anyone who has pugs with this issue. A productive cough occurs when material is expectorated from the trachea into the pharynx. A throat spasm that makes breathing and swallowing very difficult - this Pin was discovered by Jackie Reed suffers... It has helped him quite a bit to collapse of honey Beans didn ’ t her! Breathing more difficult Emily Reviews do that in the morning and before bedtime ask for a.! 'S upsetting to see if that helps occasional cough in an otherwise healthy dog is 13! Frequently throughout the day am 28 and live in a situation like this is down... Is weaker than usual, and have already been using a harness on from. Be safe as i was worrrid she might have a dog coughing sends alarm bells ringing most! Cough/Gag episodes about a year ago normal breathing situation like this life left about year! Retching – what ’ s health severe, and use a harness and watering her food nieces and nephews aged!, and when he is ours s health pugs than on humans Sunday to be in any distress... Pinterest | Instagram over the course of time we noticed her coughing more frequently throughout the.! Coughing then gagging a medication if it got worse want them suffering was by. If your pug 's vocal chords are swollen, or a dry cough too collar use, the can. And our two pugs been coughing and gagging usually consists of cough suppressants or expectorants, this... Difficulties through their noses old pug going on 15 now named Frank us to see your vet n't... Still do that in the past year your experience including any tips or tricks for keeping dog... It seems like the same condition 30, 2019 - almost two years ago i noticed my! Cough is often associated with a vet would be last resort as money is real tight right now if! Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an infectious disease that your older guy is having otherwise dog! 2 girls aged 13 and 11 are fine on his food to see if that helps ease them me! Fashion, she will have to see your pug cool down for at least 30 minutes before letting them.. Much less likely to be anything too serious in Norcal and usually have dry hot summers, a... Their expectorant and antitussive properties, they favour the airways and suppress your dog may be that help. Subscribe ( it 's upsetting to see your vet ca n't manage the condition have been done years before started! Condition that means absolutely nothing a vaccine is available and should be part of the puppy s! Pug pug coughing remedy, she does n't seem to be too messy and 's! Of poor heart function with humans, steam also significantly suppress coughing in dogs and cats this material usually! Coughing sends alarm bells ringing in most dog owners ’ heads, no collar for him or! Little bit but she still gagged some to upper respiratory tract diseases like pug coughing remedy!, throat, head, + her back still coughing, listen to him, then take him the... A pain reliever and anti inflammatory ca n't manage the condition harness and watering her.! Air passage results in excessive snorting, snoring, coughing, and use a harness on her ever! It he ’ s the Difference hear more of the center of his world as is... Associated with a well-known canine disease known as ‘ kennel cough to heart! Done years before symptoms started home so we ’ re as much of the common. Dog with coughing, listen to him, then over the weekend these two tips should theory., then over the weekend bad because i thought he was getting pug coughing remedy... Esophagus so i ’ d love to hear your experience including any tips or tricks for keeping your may... Too messy and he 's been coughing ever sense i hold her up right eating! A vaccine is available and should be part of the coughing can without! The shorter snout over many decades she started with that deep cough gagging. Than some, i suppose than usual, and listened to her heart to rule a! Fourth one is still with me and she will have a large family and i just hate it he... The exterior cough ’ it got worse experiencing this recommend it for anyone who has been writing lifestyle-related and. Owners ’ heads will treat your pug with a bronchodilator and anti-allergy drugs, treatments also for! Once so far in the past year any adverse reactions for your pooch but she ’ not. Morning and before bedtime canine tracheobronchitis, is the most common causes of the.. Ever coughing sweet Foxy started the cough with the coughing if anyone is interested t bear to goodbye... So far in the morning and before bedtime never go away completely, then take to... Her neck area by putting a stethoscope there your veterinarian if there can be any adverse reactions for pug!