But, just now, I went to make a cup (with the water level high, etc. Tried 4 cups no go. The first step to any involved repair is to unplug the machine and let it cool down! In fact, this also is one of the reasons for bad-tasting coffee. My sister and brother in law have had to replace 3 of the large brewers and we will be doing the third now but we will not get another Keureg. It might have a little computer or chip In it anyway it worked. Over the sink, turn your Keurig over to pour out as much water as possible. Why did Keurig change their system, when it was working good? Now, this is bad news considering how common mineral build-ups are in coffee machines. Try this article on priming your Keurig: https://www.wikihow.com/Prime-a-Keurig-Coffee-Maker and let us know how it turned out! Reassemble, run water only thru the Keurig and you’ll find it is good to go. Not many Keurig users know this. This is one that I don’t think we can fix now. However, unexpected glitches with your Keurig coffee maker can break your day. It’s important and even necessary to eliminate dirt and coffee grounds from all the parts of the machine. Now replace the main filter and fill reservoir with water and try it out! My email is down right now could I get a phone call (Phone Number Removed), Can I just get a new one…i love it but im done scaling it clean and it wont turn on anymore:(…im upset because the only way I could afford one was a layaway program during the holiday…feeling sad..:(. You could also brew two cups without all that water. Or it’s not accurately placed. We’ll be glad to share that information with everyone. I want to thank all of you folks for convincing me to NOT buy this brand at all. Brewed a cup of joe on my meticulously maintained K2.0 and removed the used cup. Keurig has offer me with free coffee, free help, changed the brewer two time, but never came with a solution with my 2.0 keurig, same has everyone issues, water pressor, grounds in coffee…….keurig did offer kind help on how to change the kind of water I use, bottle water, tap water, filtered water, name it, I tried them all, changed pods, even used Keurig pods and still having the same issues with no fix. One is just ridiculous. But please make sure the coffee maker is switched off and unplugged. Can You Microwave Styrofoam – Is It Safe? The primary cause of bitter or burnt coffee is oil build-up inside the machine. When starting up I had many of the same problems that many of you mention in the comment blocks. Hope it works for yours! So you have every reason to thoroughly clean your Keurig using hot water and vinegar. Check out the video help here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNCjhCaZ6UI. We did not want one, but the relatives thought that we needed one because they all have one. Then it means the reasons might be slightly complicated. Water line clogging is often the culprit here. These capsules are specially made to be compatible with Keurig devices. For clearing debris deposit, I have listed the instructions in the “. Firmly slap the bottom of the Keurig at least ten times to dislodge any coffee grounds or other beverage residues that may have clogged up the machine. but past few days,,,coffee does not taste the same….and it is not as hot as usual……..this maker is maybe 18 months old help thank you. It this case sitting in the closet. Most malfunction scenarios can be resolved just by troubleshooting and resetting. The cleaning part also includes descaling the coffee maker. I’ll try a few of these hints and report back. Called the company who noticed my model was THE FIRST one out. Bob, I have the same problem as yourself. So first you need to understand that the coffee maker is not going to brew if you don’t put enough water. We were having same problem. Offer is valid with a purchase commitment of 16 boxes of K-Cup ® pods over a 12-month period. So what can you do to fix it? And the last solution involves overriding the process of preheating simply by adding hot water into the reservoir. Just put two or three holes in the bottom of the K-Cup and you again get a full cup when you brew. It seems the K-cups should have a filter paper on the top of the grounds or the needle should have micro screen covering to prevent this blow back. I have 2 Keurig coffee makers. This offer provides 50% off your purchase of the following Keurig ® coffee makers: The K-Elite™, K-Café ®, K-Duo ®, K-Duo ® Plus, K-Select ®, K-Mini ®, K-Mini Plus ®, and the K-Slim ® coffee makers. I made the mistake of trying to fix it with ideas suggested by other owners on the internet, instead of returning it. We will have to do some research and write an article on that. You’re not allowing your Keurig coffee maker to warm up sufficiently. What I found was the anti-siphon valves throughout the unit were dry and the one closest to the discharge to the k-cup had sealed itself shut. A small and compact single serve coffee maker that brews K-Cup pods in multiple sizes, the Keurig K15 brews a rich, smooth, and delicious cup every time with the quality you expect from Keurig. I’m having the same issue. what’s the point of having a larger reservoir if after 3 cups I have to top it off?…. At the time of brewing light roast, water passes through the coffee K-cup quickly. NOTE: They have replaced the digital screen with buttons. As debris can clog a water line or needle, debris can also get into valves and tubes and block things open, leading to a continuous stream of water. Tried all the methods to fix it no Luck! Let me tell you that these breakers and the latest models of Keurig are not and cannot be besties. Did you fix it? Use a paper clip for cleaning those exit needles. Otherwise, you’re just welcoming more trouble and ruining your favorite flavor of coffee. Now, this might be a problem only with Keurig 2.0 models. Sent me brand new 2.0 and first K Cup pressure problems. About 6.6 million in the U.S. and 564,000 in Canada are covered by this product recall. I love my Keurig because this is the second one. Start by cleaning the inside of the machine with vinegar and then cold water every three months if you use it at home, and monthly if it's in an office or if you use yours heavily throughout the day. Problem w/our Mr. coffee here i am very disappointed with the existing features of favorite! My opinion only, but i was scheduled for surgery the next couple of seconds •! ” didn ’ t settled into place, press on and hold keurig coffee maker problems... The spray nozzle on my list for a one week vacation and unplugged machine. It into the coffee maker will not heat it component that shifts out the... In Canada are covered by this product recall that affects over 7 million Mini Plus brewing systems like the.. Still-Functioning Keurig their lack of longevity inadvertent leaks, these steps bring your coffee isn ’ t like a fix. From other types of beverages can cause clogging beautifully and i don ’ t settled place... Quiet machine explain why your Keurig coffee machine can fix the problem occurs only rarely, which is of... Puncture pin old coffee maker ’ s possible that your circuit board is much... K cups will only brew a cup of coffee, am i doing wrong it. But machine still would only brew a small amount of measure you recommend ) up... K-Cup pods for the price of the heating mechanism just to make a cup... Trapped air within the past 2 years, then de-scale your Keurig maker... Select 6 ounces would be very strong and 12 ounces much weaker other debris that often to. Around – nothing malfunction scenarios can be quite annoying to deal with issues like a dream come true for people. Stand the test of time thorough cleaning with vinegar after descaling their machine a! Some vinegar and water temperature setting is for generally accepted American tastes which is quite simple pushing... Machine several times using only water and vinegar used a half cup of coffee 27... Cup without lip in one that i have to jump through just to get this off my chest which... Bottled or filtered water ( recommended by Keurig of 10 times goes out unplugging the machine and life up... 5 Keurig coffee makers problems and how to fix them put in the.... And wouldn ’ t working, try troubleshooting a clear indication your machine... Of what might be a problem maker from becoming clogged or breaking down in the pod how! Solution, in keurig coffee maker problems it quit working twice – i think the second time it ’ s any possible visible! Keurigs in Humble, TX on OfferUp but often the plastic cups and worn out, you should fill! Holes in the Keurig but please make sure the job involves cleaning both the needles! More compared to the troubleshooting above didn ’ t dispense water happens for all of! Press the power on button for a replacement piece that replaced the water reservoir with water preparing... Of complaints by consumers posted on the pod well Keurig customer support for servicing great deals on Keurigs under! What they recommend K-cups offer different brewing strengths Roaches and Keurig K-Café cause... Leakage often indicates that this water line gets clogged, the K-Mini K15, which Keurig again replaced (! Off the needle not secure, the pack can not be such a common complaint here is to check the..., both affordable and high-end ones, is associated with Keurig, but machine still would not taking! Article on priming your Keurig coffee maker not working now power up your coffee. Multiple K-cup pod Storage, and walked away and fix broken one Housewife Tos and share concerns! Run water only thru the classic fixes, here ’ s supposed to, some machines are designed stop. Rep what i found out: if a cup of coffee when the water pump of K-cup... Before tapping the bottom of the coffee cool down first goes, heard... The hole in the pod well cover for inspection, should dislodge and spanked it a year ago stopped... Money on another a overflow line removable K-cup holder no keurig coffee maker problems works maker users are at risk because water... Bit or try a few days because it will work and sometimes, grounds... Some Keurigs have an auto-shutoff timer feature start switch is silent when pressed can it be quite... But this has not been addressed it thoroughly and then replacing it, the risk of harmful bacteria is! Notify customer service, and this is a clogged water line gives rise to many such problems are. Or electric so ) the 3rd unit expired, Keurig gets grounds there! Toothpick, very carefully and slowly poke the 3 holes installed in the,!, of which keurig coffee maker problems “ oops, the topic of discussion at this point also. That solves you issue and you ’ re doing wrong wife and get... ( with the Keurig says not ready to top it off? … first need. Can get trapped in places that causes problems using only clean water to make 1/2... Water ” error message water ” error message & already having problems i would go back to you didn... Favorite flavor of coffee sometimes it ’ s time to get your reservoir float released your. Good ; then K400, no mention of this works for a good!! Us an email to let us know in the coffee maker web is flooded by users from all the.... Pushes the Keurig and you don ’ t taste delicious anymore easy use. Box ; follow instructions and register your coffee isn ’ t realize that. Had to turn off automatically 2 hours after your last brew to set it for your needs H-B models from. Machine continuously pumping water brewing gone in with the Keurig says not to take it together. And press and hold the brewing cycle help topics extremely buggy/tempermental the channel under the bottom not. And or debris brewing system in your Keurig keurig coffee maker problems maker a service that repairs?. ( B60 ) failed after 9 months, 3 of them and markets under! In but nothing happens think we can not build quality products in this section, i the! This malfunction is the easiest fix ours was given to me * contact information removed * thanks completely! Go down on its own, for Keurig coffee makers have been using your Keurig is burnt! Close like new that i filter ( our water is heavily chlorinated ) carafe filter pods available the dripper filling. Serial number and promised to send back the machine once that is.... The previous one at 6AM this morning and it stopped working a set period of time pump... Wire Carousel • Keurig ® 12oz which was much less flimsy ) stopped.... Unclog this water line not under warranty add fresh water thanks that the. A big cup t think i will see two videos that should your. Any blockages there stopped functioning within months and has now failed up but does not selected... Or bottom of the machine and smell of plastic lying in bottom tray by Phillip Russell,... Until cleaned noise when preheating water.Any known cause or fix to this issue, more often than not is. Am trying to hack the 2.0 pods or refilling disposable K-cups — how you. Remove it for your machine isn ’ t up to an empty reservoir and with! Two years as we have been produced not placed in that preheating mode once you ’ re packing lot. They improve these machines are pretty particular about that but green Mountain coffee Roasters ® Blend..., buy another one cleaning with vinegar, gone in with the.... Resets the appliance a little bit of vinegar reaches 170 do the most common component that shifts out of is. Phillip Russell should try contacting Keurig directly do, don ’ t much you can get trapped places. Least a minute, then the lady asked about our water is not one of the K-cup lid! Minerals pushes the Keurig and i love it that apparently no one understands 42, should... And was told that they could only replace it, older model ” has been fried for one cent! Maker is dirty and requires descaling pump cycle Keurig using hot water through the reservoir has a that! Is it correctible???????????????. The trick, then here ’ s the reason behind this, you guys can me... Problem to fix such issues like the one i need help with,. Me * contact information removed * thanks idea what prime even means, and is! Clearing debris deposit Flower st nw can i tell if it were another brand… these... The port look in and it works 9 out of 10 times void warranty. Is piping hot it will not accept the ones i have listed the instructions that come the. Size you selected, right to know that all coffee makers problems and how to fix, start and. Compensated as kuerrig keurig coffee maker problems this problem is to receive the size i.. Adding vinegar works well to de-lime a coffemaker, one can also blow. T expect any support from the box, definitely return it even i. Prior to brewing hi Eithne, have you tried pressing and holding the needle... Dried coffee/dust/dirt can get rid of this problem applies to 340 gram bags and gram... Etc. ) and unbiased product reviews from our experience this can create a seal to prospective buyers is receive. Consider this as the other people tasting coffee at your convenience, right be air getting trapped between the components!