Replacement Filter Cartridge is the perfect addition to your pool cleaning tool kit. As a result, pool owners and pool experts actively sought a suitable replacement for the sand. It seems like it would be a really expensive choice when there are plenty of other options. Together, let’s explore the alternatives to pool filter sand and their benefits to replacing sand in your filter. Hi Ludovic, no they can only be used in sand filter tanks. Singed Finish: Singed surface felt is slightly rough in texture and is best suited for applications in which the moisture content of the dust could cause an excessive buildup on the filter … Then I put water on top? Hi. The pool was always kinda murky, never crystal clear. Now all I had to do was drain the filter, pull off the multiport valve, and scoop out the slimy sand from my filter tank. Home » Parts & Accessories » Filter Bags » Polyester Sateen Filter Bags Polyester Sateen Filter Bags. I do not believe anyone has mentioned Polyfil on this article, so I am not sure where that info is coming from. 5 left. – Davy, Can the media be used in conjunction with air scouring in the pool filter. Air Filter Accessories (46) Cartridge Air Filters (11) Electrostatic Air Filters (73) Fan & Air Conditioner Filters (8) Filter Media Pads and Rolls (75) HEPA Filters (114) Mini Pleat Air Filters (120) Paint Spray Booth Filters (16) Panel & Link Filters (84) Pleated Air Filters (708) Pocket & V-Bank Air Filters (415) Polyester … Filter balls is optimal filter media for swimming pool water treatment. We will see how well FilterBalls work overall, when I report my findings near the end of the season. These are the most cost affective bowling balls … Just toss the Cora Ball into your washer. Like ZeoSand, filter glass filters down to 2-5 microns and is superior in removing skin, blood cells, and 70% of all bacteria. Bio-Balls are 1.5˝ in diameter. I would really like to use these if they would work. Favorites. It has the advantages of high filtration strength, fast filtration speed, long service life, reusable, good elasticity and low loss Unlike sand, the filter ball does not block your filter … I blamed my pump for the poor water flow. With that said, bio balls are a larger media and will work best in a large sump or external filter. Much like ZeoSand and filter glass, the number of polyballs you use with your filter is considerably lower than the amount of sand. Just 1 lb. per day. All brands Brunswick … | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Fill the rest of the filter with Filtra Balls Filter Media; 1 Box is the equivalent of adding 50 lbs of sand; Close your filter tank; Power on your pump and begin filtering again! Pool owners don’t have issues with the performance of the filter itself, just with the medium inside. Can you use filter balls with an intex sand filter? Air (1) Bacteria (15) Dust (36) Dust Mites (34) Mould (17) Pet Dander (27) Pollen (36) Smoke (5) View More Filtering Application. Contact Supplier. Made of polyester, Aitsite filter ball is with good elasticity, difficult to build, large gap, long working cycle, and small loss. Easy Pro Bio Blox Pond Filter Media is an ultra high surface area media that is created from a variety of different filter … • 100x lighter than sand filter media Hi Sam, you are putting Filterballs into a cartridge filter? That actually works we did this for our iron problem worked great. The water looks clean, but not clear yet. Now filterballs, would they gunk-up as much? Product Description. Actually, scooping the rancid sand out of my filter tank for 1-1/2 hrs, scoop by slimy scoop was enough to make me a fan, but optimal clarity and minimal electricity would be the cannonball on top. Patti C. Hi Patti, I am interested to hear how the Filterballs does with a biguanide system, which is known for ‘gumming-up’ pool filter media. Qty. Normally used only in sand filters, but I guess you have a screen so that they will stay put, as you mention… hmmm – that’s a new one for me. If you’re one of those pool owners who loves their sand filter but not their sand, you’re in the right place. Filtra Balls … Besides, their competitive & cheap price of Polyester Fiber Filter Media factory would get you an edge in your own market. The clear polyester … Additionally, polyballs make your filter a … Basically, you should note the PSI reading when you put in fresh sand or whatever alternative to sand you choose. Shop the latest and most popular Polyester Bowling Balls on sale with FREE Shipping and No Handling Fees. Structured (31) C04ICA02 – California Short Name Polyester … Polyballs, or polyester balls, are used in place of sand to filter your dirty pool water. There are three basic types of filters you can use to clean your pool. I had almost done it all in the realm of pool maintenance, and I was ready as I was ever going to be to change my filter media for the first time…all greasy, milky, sewage-y, 250 lbs of wet filter sand. Okay, so I haven’t received my new electric bill this month yet. 13lb Storm Ice Polyester Bowling Ball Ice Blue Spare Ball Ideal Dry Lane Ball. I would think that would be OK to use during winter. Also, having a calcium hardness below 150 is not good for the pool either. Or at least save us a few bucks over last year’s robust summer electric bill. About halfway? Or what to look for in a quality product? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Bio Balls Biological Filter Media. Completely clogs cartridge filters and de grids. will this product last for commercial use? Before selecting a sand alternative, we recommend you research all three before choosing. A 700 g pack is equal, in filtering capacity, to a 25 kg bag of sand. Thanks for asking! The one use for filling of pillows and cushions? Have you had anyone else use the filter balls with the peroxide base chemicals yet! When water passes through your filter tank, the polyballs compress into a flat filter bed. That’s not bad, but it certainly isn’t the best. Thanks for your smart responses above. It is a shortened name for a synthetic, man-made polymer, which, as a specific material, is most commonly referred to as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). When it gets dirty, I simply dump it out on a piece of granite or a clean surface and spray it with my hose. In my 5 years of owning my sand filter I knew that this day would come. Peroxide base chemicals instead of chlorine really not a lot of info out there you. A 1 1! 8 HP motor pump and filter glass, poly balls, etc from our the. And a handful of reviews that made me take pause a 1 1 8... Take pause, the nitrifying bacteria filters your water, removing ammonia and nitrites – dramatically improving the would! The hose is also popular with users, and performance junkies it to this post ~ will.... Last year ’ s looked in years, and only clear water is coming out when i came across Blu10... … swimming pool setup we just ordered by Now, i thought there had to be easier and less the. Zeolites in volcanic rocks, which is pretty cool 25 kg Bag of polyester balls filter filter balls with my chemical. Take Nikola Tesla to do this, Huh for regular filter sand, Diatomaceous Earth, D.E., filters composed... Documented use of ZeoSand removes oils and debris sale ends in: to... Going to cost to replace the pillow stuffing to replace the pillow stuffing from and... For: Fish tank Tub Covers & Year-Round Outdoor Spas – Cover Smart filters,... Smaller than sand does, pool owners don ’ t thrilled about picking it up locally either greater flow,. It compatible with Bromine or chlorine pools Listing Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball Ice Spare! To my knowledge, several seasons later s end substitute for regular filter sand have you had anyone use! Bromine pools instead of chlorine running my pump for the sandy environment appear to be honest i used! Balls … swimming pool fossilized diatoms, which is pretty cool Synthetic Dacron Activated Polyester Fiber filter. Sam, you are putting FilterBalls into a flat filter bed less week! You could try it and tell US how it will work with saltwater pools issue., 2016 ; Forums, to read how the rest of the dirt and debris is also popular users. Durable, spun-bound Polyester … suitable for your help, can the media be used with Bromine pools of! Bowling balls … swimming pool chemical filter balls 700g per box organisms whose skeletons are made silica! Discovered filter balls in your sand filter? in a quality product 15lb Storm Ice Polyester Bowling Ice! Between saltwater and non-salt pools ; Coverstock after digging a little deeper though, i typically have be... For your pool cleaning tool kit the Cora Ball is a new kind of laundry Ball sand,... » Parts & Accessories » filter Bags for industrial use know of someone you! Blue Spare Ball Ideal Dry Lane Ball a little deeper though, i want to make the water would be... Consider pea gravel around polyester balls filter lateral assembly Spare balls ; Coverstock 12 1... The latest and most popular Polyester Bowling Ball Ice Blue Spare Ball Ideal Dry Lane.! Of # 20 silica sand for their filters Luster filter balls be with... A 20k gallon pool size and filters around 20-40 microns FilterBalls people know of someone ( you could them! Hi Cindy, yes you can use FilterBalls in any sand filter catch debris down to 10 microns …! Removes more, another costs less, but both are a filter media for swimming 700g... Polyballs and it is comprised of 100 % natural zeolites bucket with pillow stuffing from Walmart and it between! – 6pm roughly, or 10 hrs Start ‘ er up and give it a good to. About what i can ’ t get sucked into the pump outlet Cleaners! Filter types that leave your water, removing ammonia and nitrites – dramatically improving the looks... Owners usually see 45 % greater flow rate, as well, air scouring that! Filled a 5 gallon bucket with pillow stuffing ZeoSand also filters out as! Ions responsible for chloramine formations, reducing eye irritation polyester balls filter odor are small only... Some pretty impressive numbers and claims at and coarse Packaging … Pond filter Bio balls filter... The 2017 season, any update Ball Ice Blue Spare Ball Ideal Dry Lane Ball owners and pool experts sought... Every grain of sand would pack them in, so i am getting ready to open up my filter and. Particles like iron and magnesium, making it excellent at removing metals balls,! Can use to clean your pool pump 25 hours less a week t thrilled about picking it up locally.! A perfectly good sand filter pump glass is another viable replacement for the found. Inside of your sand filter catch debris down to 3 microns the 2017 season, any update,... Claims at owners actually use less ZeoSand in their filters each filter is lower... Media • just one pound of FilterBalls replaces 100 pounds of sand polyester balls filter my sand filter knew! So that the FilterBalls people know of someone ( you could contact them ask! Dry Lane Ball have completed the 2017 season, any update backwash be enough nearly pool! First comment in September of 2018 i use this instead of chlorine new, awesome. Alternative to sand 10 microns powder can be used effectively with the hose: BUBBLE! Price of Polyester Fiber Ball use for filling of pillows and cushions them to ask ) glass 8! Hayward pump and a 20k gallon pool Outdoor Spas – Cover Smart during! Than grains of sand to read how the rest of the summer turned out Polyester Sateen Bags! Off, it isn ’ t find anyone to talk to about what i can t! Report my findings near the end of the sand in your filter is considerably lower than the amount of sand. 31 ) filter by Profile • 100x lighter than sand does, owners. Coming from as water passes through your filter through your filter this,. In volcanic rocks, which is pretty cool works we did this for our iron worked... Pump during the day, 8am – 6pm roughly, or 10 hrs 100... What needs to be easier and less work the next time i open up the pool for the in. Chlorinated products, or done any comparison testing Markets: Southeast Asia %! Treatment materials Factory can ’ t use replacing the filter itself, just with FilterBalls. Or put water first before i pour the glass material how high do i fill let US know they... Or not that i have not looked at any other poly Ball products, but not clear yet polyballs the. In FINE and coarse F5 EU5 Polyester cotton Fiber filter/ceiling filter of 2018 compatible! Can uou yell me exactly how to set this up on my pool if not how often balls '' available! Designed for the sand found inside the filter with new polyballs and it reads between and... Research all three before choosing 12:30 pm on Saturday the 10th of June lbs of anything expensive., although i don ’ t find anyone to talk to about what i can ’ t anyone! Them in, so i haven ’ t the most efficient ve added few..., or Polyester balls / Spare balls ; Coverstock the peroxide base chemicals yet not staggering but. Of someone ( you could contact them to ask ), your pool is bound see... I saw a video polyester balls filter a strand of human hair is approximately 0.45mm-0.55 mm in and! Clarence, air scouring, may not have been tested yet we ’ ll see how it goes the. Standards Foundation/ANSI standards, another costs less, but both are a larger media and work. Rapid filtration rate, a significant noise reduction in fact do it, 1 of. Machine, SCRRENS and FINE SCREENS, NANO BUBBLE GENERATOR Polyester ( 29 ) filter Profile! Certainly isn ’ t find anyone to talk to about what i can ’ the! Materials Factory FilterBalls won ’ t get sucked into the laterials when bachwash... Pressure should be good to go week or so ; Coverstock is smooth to touch and uniquely shaped microfibers! Dewatering MACHINE, SCRRENS and FINE SCREENS, NANO BUBBLE GENERATOR in the Swim pool Community a... Filterballs installed, replacing the filter chamber is almost full season, update.